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New Basics: Fantastic Fish

Alan G.

Attended: New Basics: Fantastic Fish

Great class - very happy with the preparatory communications and materials and the chef was great. Thank you!

Kids Cheesy Cornbread Muffins (Online)


Attended: Kids Cheesy Cornbread Muffins (Online)

Anonymous gave this class 4 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

New Basics: Summer Vegetables!

Jeanie C.

Attended: New Basics: Summer Vegetables!

I loved Chef Michal! She made the whole experience super fun and educational! I’d take any class she taught. And I left with newfound confidence!!! The ingredients were great and the meal was delicious!!! Thank you so so much!

Modern Jewish Cooking: Hanukkah Feast

Jacob O.

Attended: Modern Jewish Cooking: Hanukkah Feast

I had a great time and it was the best birthday gift i got in a long time.Highly recommended and will be there for another class soon.Jacob

Family Valentine Crafts


Attended: Family Valentine Crafts

Was a fun time, and the desserts we made were mostly good. (The gummy candy was surprisingly inedible -- it was like eating an eraser. But the chocolate, which is what we really came for, was delish!) The unexpected aspect is that it's mostly just *participating* working on the desserts -- we weren't actually *taught* anything much. (For instance, they had already pre-made the cookie dough we used -- we simply cut it. And the ganache was made from melted pre-existing chocolate bars.) This seems to be done so that they can get lots of families with kids to enroll in the class since the kids can do everything involved too. For our low skill level, we were just happy to hang and participate. But if you're looking to walk away with some new culinary knowledge, this probably isn't the right class for you.

Kids: Baking Savory and Sweet (6+/10+)


Attended: Kids: Baking Savory and Sweet (6+/10+)

Anonymous gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.