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Classes coming up in Brooklyn, NYC

​Lotus Leaf Painting Workshop

at Himapan - Williamsburg
28 Frost St Studio 2, Brooklyn, New York 11211

Join us for a creative experience that will reinvigorate your artistic side. No art experience is necessary - our helpful trained instructors will guide you through the two and a half hour session. Our teachers are trained in classic studio art, art history, color theory, meditation, and Thai cultural history. Are materials provided and included...

Saturday May 6th, 3pm


Sharpening with Japanese Waterstone

at Mokuchi Woodworking Studio - Bushwick
66 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11237

Students will learn to sharpen woodworking chisels and plane blades, as well as pocket knifes and kitchen knifes using Japanese water stones. Waterstones enable you to get the sharpest edge in an efficient and clean manner. No messy oil or grinding down your tools! Tool sharpening with waterstones is a fundamental part of Japanese woodworking. It...

Friday Jun 9th, 6:30pm

Other dates (3)

Learn ALL Silkscreen

at Better Than Jam's STORE & STUDIO - East Williamsburg
20 Grattan St, Brooklyn, New York 11206

Students will learn the fundamentals of screenprinting. Your instructor will start with a demo of the process, and then go through the proper materials and techniques. Students will be shown the different ways one can get an image onto a screen, and a few different production methods of printing. By the end of class you should be on your way to printing...

Sunday May 7th, 9am

Other dates (3)

The Craft of Short Fiction

at Brooklyn Brainery - Brooklyn
1233 Prospect Ave Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, New York 11218

You’ve wanted to write for years--you’ve had that idea in your head, simmering away for months. But where to start? And how to see it published? For beginners, and writers looking to hone their skills, this day-long class will focus not only on the craft of writing short fiction, from creative exercises and techniques to get you moving, to...

Sunday May 7th, 10am


Introduction to Neon (Weekend Intensive)

at Brooklyn Glass - Gowanus
142 13th St, Brooklyn, New York 11215

In this intensive weekend neon workshop, students will dive right in and practice basic neon tube bending techniques, and learn how to wire and hang neon units. Students can expect to finish one small neon project (both designed and bent by the student with assistance from instructors) by the end of the 2 day course. Unlike other neon workshops,...


2 sessions

Saturday May 20th, 11am

Other dates (2)

1 Day Workout: Camera Warm-Up

at BKC Brooklyn Central - DUMBO
33 Washington St, Brooklyn, New York 11201

In five hours we'll help you forge a friendship with your digital camera, exploring its vital features and demystifying the buttons and dials that trip common users up. From controlling exposure to getting a handle on autofocus, we'll unpack these tech-heavy tools in a simple and straightforward manner.   This challenges students to learn and...


Sunday May 7th, 11am

Other dates (2)

Beginner Quilting

at Brooklyn Craft Company - Greenpoint
165 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11222

Join this workshop to learn modern quilting techniques. This one-day workshop will cover all the basics of assembling, machine-quilting, and finishing a small quilt.  In one five-hour session, you’ll learn:  Understanding quilting materials, including batting and binding  How to assemble a “quilt sandwich” and baste or prep...

Sunday May 7th, 12pm


Vocal Harmony Basics

at The Jalopy Theatre and School of Music - Carroll Gardens
315 Columbia St, Brooklyn, New York 11231

Dive in head-first to the joys of traditional American harmony singing: learn harmony parts to Old Time, Early Country, Bluegrass, and Gospel standards, experience the thrill of singing close harmony with others, develop an understanding of chords and intervals, and gain tools to start finding harmony parts on your own.  Less advanced singers...

Sunday May 7th, 12pm


French 5: Confirmé

at Coucou Brooklyn - Williamsburg
38 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211

You feel fairly confident using all major tenses. You have the grammatical framework necessary to talk about a variety of topics, but you still make some mistakes. You need to tighten up the loose ends. By the time you sign up for Confirmé… You are familiar with and feel fairly confident using all major tenses (present, passé composé, imparfait,...


8 sessions

Sunday May 7th, 1:30pm

Other dates (6)

Natural Dyeing 101

at Textile Arts Center - Gowanus
505 Carroll St, Brooklyn, New York 11215

In this 12-hour class, students will learn the basics of dyeing fabric using natural materials, including natural dye sources, how to extract colors, what are mordants, and how to use them to fix color. Important Things to Note: Our classes are designed to focus on a learned skill rather than a final product. Our mission is to provide skills and knowledge...


4 sessions

Wednesday Jun 7th, 6:30pm

Other dates (2)

Technical Packaging: Factory-Ready Specification

at Brooklyn Shoe Space - Williamsburg
224 Roebling St, Brooklyn, New York 11211

The two-hour course will guide students from an initial design through to a factory ready spec sheet. By the end of class, you will freehand draw technical drawings of footwear and create a factory ready specification sheet.  You will get advice on how to approach and execute the details and different perspectives. It’s all about learning to...

Sunday May 7th, 4:30pm

Other dates (4)

Standard English Course

at Brooklyn School of Languages - Brooklyn Heights
16 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York 11241

Our Standard English course focuses on learning through real-life communication (speaking, listening, reading, writing) inside and outside of the classroom. This is a Standard English language course of 20 lessons (15 hours) taught in small classes which allows our expert teachers to provide individual feedback and advice on how to improve and further...


6 sessions

Monday May 1st, 8:15am

Other dates (40)

Hand Cut Dovetails Workshop

at Makeville Studio - Gowanus
119 8th St Unit 208, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Hand cut dovetails enjoy a special place in the world of woodworking due to their superior strength and timeless beauty. Now you can learn how to cut and fit dovetail joints with hand tools guru Kate Hawes. In this three-session intensive, you will learn how to get the most from chisels and dovetail saws, how to mark and measure half-blind and through...


4 sessions

Monday May 1st, 11am


French Advanced Beginner

at Idlewild Books - Cobble Hill
249 Warren St, Brooklyn, New York 11201

This Level 2 course is for people who recently completed a beginner course or have basic knowledge of French including the present and simple past tenses. More advanced grammar is presented and the class incorporates more speaking practice. Over 8 weeks, we'll focus on building conversation skills and mid-level grammar.  In 7 weeks, you'll...


7 sessions

Monday May 1st, 1:45pm

Other dates (6)

Leather Techniques

at Brooklyn Shoe Space - Williamsburg
224 Roebling St, Brooklyn, New York 11211

In this 3-hour course, you will learn how to cut, hole punch, handstitch, and lace leather. You will come out of class with a key ring, small pouch, card case, bracelet, an electronic case (ipad/kindle/laptops)/clutches, or book cover. When you sign up, please indicate in the notes what product you would like to focus on. All materials are included....

Wednesday May 3rd, 6pm

Other dates (5)