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Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York
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Welcome to Makeville Studio... a hands-on lab for craft, building, art and invention. 

Makeville Studio exists because we believe everyone should experience the deep satisfaction that comes with making something with your own two hands. Whether you're completely new to making things, want to expand your skills or just need some space and tools to get your project done right, we've got you covered.

Started in 2008 with just a handful of classes and a bare bones shop, Makeville has grown into NYC's top venue to learn woodworking and best-equipped community shop space.

Makeville is a community of craftspeople and artists of diverse backgrounds and skill levels, and we share a common culture of knowledge sharing, craftsmanship, shop etiquette and safety. Our instructors are not only talented professional makers, but truly excellent teachers as well. 

Start woodworking right now. In our classes, you'll make something truly unique while learning how to safely and effectively use both power tools and traditional hand tools.

Be inspired and productive in our spacious, well-equipped workshop. 

Make it count
We love making stuff, but we don't just want to make more stuff. Move beyond salvaged wood--the biggest "green" impact you can have as a maker is to build things that last, things that are so well-crafted and beautiful no one would dream of throwing them out! You can do this, and as always our amazing community of instructors, shop monitors, and studio users is here to help.

Reviews of Makeville Studio

(67 Reviews)

Avraham K.

Attended: Introduction to Woodworking

I had a time in this great class with the very good instructor, Michelle. I'm definitely looking forward to more classes at Makeville.


Attended: Woodworking II: Chair (Intensive)

Great class. Learned new skills that built upon the ones from the intro to woodworking.


Attended: Introduction to Woodworking

Excellent class. Perfect balance of hands on work and basic instruction. I felt like the class size was perfect and allowed each student to have one on one time but also enough time to work independently. I would highly recommend this class!


Attended: Lathe 101: Introduction to Turning

Alan is awesome -- totally knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Great teacher, great course!


Attended: Hand Cut Dovetails Workshop

Well taught and would definitely recommend Makeville Studio. Would suggest they make the class four weeks instead of three, as it's difficult to finish the box in that time, even with the six studio hours that come with the class.

Carol G.

Attended: Furniture Class: Turning Bowls on the Lathe

The instructor was knowledgeable and helpful while at the same time allowing us to learn and create our own bowls. I am very pleased with the way the class was taught and I love the items I made.

Selena M.

Attended: Introduction to Woodworking

This class was awesome! Had a good time with Michelle, our instructor, and the other students. We learned a lot and I am so pleased with the little stool I made! Looking forward to taking more classes with Michelle at Makeville. :)


Attended: Introduction to Woodworking

It was a great class, I learned a lot. I am taking another class at the studio in a few weeks.


Attended: Introduction to Woodworking

A lot of fun; nice break from the glow of the screen.

Sarah D.

Attended: Carving and Shaping Intensive - Wooden Utensils

Overall great course but kinda bummed we all (at least 8 people) had to share 1 set of gouges for carving out the spoons

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Makeville Studio
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