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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
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NYC Jewelry Lab by Carolina Iwanow offers jewelry classes and workshops that enable the students to explore and develop their inherent creativity as well as technical aspects of the craft. Metalsmithing is a very ancient craft that exist since the cave era, metal transformed human life. Beauty and body decoration are indeed a human obsession. Working with precious metals is one of the most versatile and amazing crafts you can ever experience. When you craft metal you deal with art, design, alchemy, mathematics, physics, nature, chemistry and patience. Crafting temples the spirit. 

At Carolina Iwanow’s classes, students will learn how to design, learn and earn ancient hand crafting skills and understanding modern tools and techniques. From introductory level courses to professional fine jewelry, contemporary jewelry & fashion jewelry, design & metal production. Carolina offers as well a big variety of skilled workshops. Her goal as an instructor is to teach the secrets and techniques of design & jewelry and how to make ideas come to life through one of the most amazing and versatile crafts in this earth: Metalsmithing.

Carolina Iwanow was born in Argentina and she is a jeweler for more than 20 years. She studied fashion & textile design at the University of Buenos Aires and contemporary jewelry with jeweler Jorge Castanon, European and Argentinian folklore chasing & repusee silver Pottery with master jeweler Jorge Pablo Pallarols. Also she developed much of her knowledge of jewelry and the jewelry industry through first-hand experience designing, producing and manufacturing fine jewelry and high end fashion jewelry for the biggest brands and fashion brands in Argentina and worldwide (such as Bebe, Guess, Marciano, Disney, Ona Saez, Vulk, Rusty, Invicta etc.) She had her first jewelry art gallery in Buenos Aires. In 1998 she started to teach jewelry & design at the University of Architecture of Buenos Aires and at her own studio forming very well known names in the Argentinian jewelry & design scene, such as Gaby Horbat, Carolina Salama, Tamara Lisenberg, Marcos Romano, Alejandro Gilligan, Magdalena Baranhao, Norma Rinaudo, Gabi Iskin, Flor Vetcher, Liliana Zambrini, etc.

Notes: The class venue is located at the Art Factory that has its own parking at the back of the building where students can park. Plenty of parking space are also available in the neighborhood, along Metropolitan and Morgan Ave.

Reviews of NYC Jewelry Lab by Carolina Iwanow

(20 Reviews)


Attended: The Art of Metalsmithing

Carolina is great! Classes are fun.

Nathalie R.

Attended: The Art of Metalsmithing

Love the class! You learn a lot and work on your projects with personalized support. Carolina is a great support in inspiring creativity and helping you make it a reality by teaching you a lot of different techniques.

Julie W.

Attended: The Art of Metalsmithing

This is my first course horse class and I could not be more excited to explore their other offerings. This particular course inspires new ways of thinking and creativity. The instructor is magnetic and electric and masterful. The attendees are equally dedicated, sincere, and enthusiastic. The atmosphere is nurturing and motivating. I could go on, but see for yourself!

Tamra M.

Attended: The Art of Metalsmithing

Love it! Very hands on! Very ones project is different from the next and you work at your own pace! Its not a traditional teaching style, she comes and works directly with you to create your own personalized piece.

Jennifer S.

Attended: The Art of Metalsmithing

Carolina's class was the best I have ever taken. She is a true artist and a terrific teacher. Just in these 5 days I have learned so much. She is very open and shares her wisdom with the students she teaches and helps them out in any way that she can. She is very fun to work with! I highly recommend any class that she teaches.

Randolfo M.

Attended: The Art of Metalsmithing

I absolutely loved being here and learned quite a bit about the work that's put into your pieces. Carolina was so supportive of my idea and gave me tips to make my design work. I highly recommend taking this class because you will definitely end with a piece in your image! Thank you Carolina for being so awesome!


Attended: The Art of Metalsmithing

I appreciated the small class setting. Carolina, the instructor, was very patient & giving with her knowledge and experience. I was very proud of my completed pendant. I look forward to signing up for another class in the near future.

Anthony A.

Attended: The Art of Metalsmithing

Learned new exciting things. Carolina is a great teacher and a very nice person

Denise E.

Attended: The Art of Metalsmithing

Love my classes with Carolina. She's an amazing and patient teacher. Always encouraging, even when self doubting yourself.

DeVaughn C.

Attended: The Art of Metalsmithing

DeVaughn C. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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4 th floor studio C 402 1027 Grand St, Brooklyn, New York 11211
NYC Jewelry Lab by Carolina Iwanow
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
4 th floor studio C 402 1027 Grand St
Brooklyn, New York 11211

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