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Butter Lane is devoted to making you the perfect cupcake. With a focus on pure ingredients like real vanilla beans, pure cocoa and dark chocolate, we’re giving foodies something to sink their teeth into besides straight sugar (although we have some of that, too!).

We think of it as cupcakes for grownups.

At Butter Lane we offer both French and American buttercream icing. What's the difference? French buttercream is made with egg whites, butter and granulated sugar, while American buttercream is made with confectioners sugar and butter. The French is more like a meringue while the American is like the familiar icing we all know. Can't decide? Try some of both and let us know which one you like!

Reviews of Butter Lane

(171 Reviews)

Mallory W.

Attended: Cupcakes 101 (East Village)

So much fun and the cupcakes were awesome!


Attended: Cupcakes 101 (East Village)

Small class. Only downside was that the instructor kept going in and out of the lesson to talk to her coworkers as the lesson takes place in an open kitchen of the bakery.

Beverly R.

Attended: Cupcakes 101 (East Village)

The class was OK. I personally learned some things that I did not know prior to the class. The instructor was good and knowledgeable. I feel that the class should have been longer, perhaps 3 hours instead of 2 hours. There was 3 recipes on the board for us but we were only able to make 2 of the 3 recipes. All in all the class was OK; I did learn something.

Mia P.

Attended: Sweetheart Cupcakes

Awesome class, instructor was awesome too and cupcakes were delicious. Fun and informative!

Amy O.

Attended: Sweetheart Cupcakes

This is the 2nd Course Horse baking class I've taken. The first one was terrific -- hands on, excellent instruction, challenging subject (croissants). This cupcake class was -- unfortunate. The instructor didn't seem to like his job. Perhaps he was having an off night? Mostly, he just came across as disinterested -- gave us his CIA credentials, talked at us, seemed to be on autopilot. To set the tone -- he told us to go wash our hands before we started. Absolutely. Only, there was no soap at the sink. When we asked him, he responded, "Do it like your ancestors did. RINSE!" He did't get us any soap. It made us wonder about the rest of the sanitary conditions at this bakery. For a warm and sweet subject, the experience was not.

Tobias E.

Attended: Sweetheart Cupcakes

It was fanny to do cupcakes :)

Kate M.

Attended: Cupcakes 101 (East Village)

This class was so fun! I love that it was completely hands on. And I learned some great tips to bring back to my own confections.

Theresa E.

Attended: Cupcakes 101 (East Village)

Hi I enjoy this class there was lot I get to know when making cup cake


Attended: Cupcakes 101 (East Village)

The class was well run and the instructor was both informative and entertaining. I consider myself a fairly good baker but I learned a few tips that I will definitely put to use in the future. The cupcakes were delicious and it was fun to be able to mix and match cake and icing flavors. I was glad that I paid a discounted fee -- at full price, the course would have been overpriced.

Amy C.

Attended: Cupcakes 201: Cupcake Decorating

This class was fun and I learned a lot in a short time.

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