Gena Deva LLC

Gena Deva LLC

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York
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Gena Deva is a fun fabulous ORGANIC Unisex Beauty Studio!

We offer Organic Color, Organic Keratin, Organic Products, Small Body Tattoos, and our INK for the Microblading is also vegan.  

We do all hair do's for every occasion, & we are also specialized in all Hair Extension Techniques, such as Micro Beads and Micro Loops.

If you are interested in learning some of our crafts such as Microblading, Hair Extensions or Eyelash extensions, please join our classes!

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510 83rd St, Brooklyn, New York 11209
Gena Deva LLC
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
510 83rd St
At 5th Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11209