Ralf Jean-pierre

Teaches at Bad Theater Fest / Bad Film Fest

Ralf Jean-Pierre (Twitter: @RjpEsquire, Instagram: @PrecGorgRalf) is a Haitian-American Actor & Singer-Songwriter/Rapper working & living in his native Brooklyn. 
Precious Gorgeous, waggish Rock & Roller & Karaoke host. 
The `Speare Bearer, deranged Shakespearean troubadour who traveled 4000 mi around the United States on a bicycle performing his own zealous brand of One-Man Street Shakespeare, performing entire scenes from Shakespeare plays himself, playing all the characters.

BFA in Performing Arts from Savannah College of Art & Design

Apprenticed with world renowned clown performer, Eric Davis

Studied with Yale Physical Acting & Clowning teacher, Christopher Bayes

Interned at The People's Improv Theater, where he completed their entire improv program, Dance New Amsterdam, and the Actor's Movement Studio

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