Slava Kolpakov, LMT

Teaches at Classeteria

Slava Kolpakov, LMT, originally from Siberia, Russia, has studied and practiced Thai Massage in the United States and Thailand since 2004. He studied privately with several renowned Thai Massage teachers in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in 2006, and had combined multiple styles to create his own method. Since 2007, Slava has owned and operated East West Massage in Boston, MA, and has worked exclusively as a Thai massage practitioner since the opening days, and has seen thousands of clients. His main expertise lies in combining clinical work, such as Neuromuscular Therapy, with Traditional Thai, and in helping athletes, in particular runners, prevent and treat injuries. He provides detailed anatomy, kinesiology, and pathology examples, specific treatment sequences, and his personal hands-on experience in all of his trainings. Slava has been teaching Thai Massage courses since 2009. He recently relocated from Boston to San Diego.

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