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Teaches at Q.E.D.

Who are WE? Jenn Wehrung and Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons are writers, performers, and show producers (Laugh It Up, Astoria! & No, YOU Tell It!) here at Q.E.D. They have teamed-up for this special summer workshop and are excited to help take your story from the page to the stage!

Reviews of Jenn Wehrung & Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons

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Mimi N.

Attended: Sip-N-Scribe

I took Sip & Scribe because it was cheap but I was hoping it would still be valuable and that I would learn something from it. This class is not that. If you're looking for something fun/silly to do with your friends then go for it but if you're hoping to learn something then this is not for you. We were given a ridiculous prompt (write a letter to yourself from your favorite childhood toy) and then asked to switch papers with someone in the class and add to their story. When we switched back, we were given another ridiculous prompt (finish your story but with a surprise kiss. Seriously??) and then people volunteered to read aloud. I left with a weird, twisted story that promptly went in the trash.


Dawn M.

Attended: Sip-N-Scribe

Dawn M. gave this class 3 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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