Farez and Irma

Teaches at Shamanic Fire Reiki

Farez is a Mayan descendant, abstract artist, and co-founder of Shamanic Community Gathering. He has connected with his ancestors, remembered past lives as a healer, and gained knowledge from many other ancestral traditions. From an early age he had many out of body experiences that made him see life from a different perspective. Growing up surrounded by nature, he felt deeply connected with plants and animals that made him feel like an organic part of the entire universe, giving him inner joy and fulfillment in life.

His heart’s calling in this life is to help others to remember that we are divine beings and children of the Earth, and if we wish to live happily we have to with her.

Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman is a Medicine Woman honoring the ways of her Maya and Taino lineages of the curanderas and medicine elders. Walking the path of medicine for 20 years, although Spirit has trained her since the age of 3. She is a (shamanic) MedicineWay healer/teacher & Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Crystal healer/teacher, Toltec Dreamweaver and Otorongo, Cholom Balam Medicine (Jaguar). Irma currently has several shamanic programs opened. She is on her 7th year of the MedicineWay Apprenticeship Year Program, and other courses being offered are Being in Dreamtime, Seer’s Series & The Art of Stalking Series; Awakening the Vital Life Force of Spirit. She uses sound, energy work, Karuna Reiki, crystals, dreamtime and works with the "poderios", the elemental forces we need to keep an open channel of communication. Her style is accompanied by prayer work and traditional indigenous ceremonies to heal her community with heart.

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