Gina De La Chesnaye

Teaches at Three Jewels

Gina participated in the 200 Hour Teacher Training with Alison West of Yoga Union. She is known for teaching a comprehensive class with careful attention to alignment, mindfulness and full-body strengthening. She is also a teacher with The Lineage Project, which brings mindfulness-based exercises such as yoga and meditation to at-risk and/or incarcerated youth and their support staff. Gina is the Trauma Resource Director on the faculty of The International Center for Mental Health and Human Rights where she co-facilitates Contemplative Based Trauma and Resiliency Trainings to humanitarian aid workers, trauma therapists, social workers and counselors in Africa and is a faculty member of Second Response which tends to the emotional & psychological needs of people exposed to trauma, providing body-centered methods to relieve the harmful effects of stress, distress & trauma.

Gina also is a competitive kickboxer and boxer as well as a writer and photographer and has authored many articles on meditation, yoga, martial arts and Buddhism.

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