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Styling the Interiors Photoshoot


Attended: Styling the Interiors Photoshoot

This class was extremely instructive. The teacher is passionate by his job and he shares his enthusiasm really well. He gave us many tips to use as interior designers. I, highly, recommend this class. However, the school is as messy as usual : we spent 20 minutes in a classroom that was not the right one... The course had started in a different location. Thanks to one of the students, we were aware of the issue, but me missed a part of the course. Typical, at NYSID...

Styling the Interiors Photoshoot

Michael T.

Attended: Styling the Interiors Photoshoot

The course itself was great! Incredibly informative and I really liked the instructor. The classroom listed on the CourseHorse page was incorrect. There were about 8 of us that missed the first 15 minutes of the class because we were in the wrong room. But the class itself was phenomenal. Would highly recommend to anyone else.

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