Sally Williamson & Associates

Sally Williamson & Associates

Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia
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SW&A started like most small businesses. A one-man band that has expanded over time in skills and people. And like many entrepreneurs, Sally can tell you the story and the situation that began the concept. It’s what we call a visibility moment in our programs, and it occurred more than twenty years ago.

But, once she decided to build a firm, there was always a clear and purposeful vision. And, the vision was to become a boutique firm with training fundamentals that are tailored, modified and matched to a client’s situation.

It didn’t exist in the marketplace when we started and we haven’t experienced anyone with the same approach yet. The training and development field has executive coaches and training firms. But, the paths don’t cross often. At SW&A, they sit in the same room every day. In fact, our team members wear both hats.

And that allows us to blend the best of both approaches. It means that we focus on you first to understand what you’re trying to accomplish as an individual or with a group. Before we meet you, we have a clear picture of your desired state as well as your starting point. And, that insures that our entire team is invested beyond our work to your takeaways.

Today, the one-man band has grown to a full orchestra. And, while we have different roles, we are passionate about a single and shared responsibility; to inspire people to engage, influence and impact others through compelling communication.

Reviews of Sally Williamson & Associates

(4 Reviews)
Mastering Executive Presence

DeAndra V.

Attended: Mastering Executive Presence

Great company They are very efficient!

Strengthening Personal Brand & Impressions

DeAndra V.

Attended: Strengthening Personal Brand & Impressions

Great class with simple techniques to strengthen your brand with practice.

Leading Executive Conversations

DeAndra V.

Attended: Leading Executive Conversations

DeAndra V. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

Connecting Stories To Storylines

Romina E.

Attended: Connecting Stories To Storylines

Romina E. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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