Evergreen Academy

Evergreen Academy

Annandale, Washington, District of Columbia
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Evergreen Academy has been providing ESL courses since 2007. Our goal is to provide a quality English-language education. We use communicative methods to teach all four English language skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening). It is a highly flexible system in which our students are closely supported and encouraged by teachers and staff alike. Our students succeed and reach their goals in the time they have set for themselves. 

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide non-native speakers a fulfilling experience with language and cultural competence. We are here to serve the needs of students who need English for their academic, professional and personal needs. We aspire to provide high-quality instruction in English as a Second Language and are committed to creating a positive learning environment.

We promote the following four values:

  • Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Professionalism
  • Consistency
These values are expected not only of our students, but also of our teachers and staff. Evergreen Academy’s modern-in-class instruction, assessment tools, facilities and qualified teachers ensure that our students will meet their personal and professional educational goals, while adapting to American culture.

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7700 Little River Turnpike Ste 100A , Washington, District of Columbia 22003
Evergreen Academy
7700 Little River Turnpike Ste 100A
At Hummer Rd
Washington, District of Columbia 22003