Trapeze School NY Washington DC

in Navy Yard
301 Water St SE, Washington, District of Columbia 20003

TSNY Washington DC is dedicated to making flying trapeze available to anyone who seeks inspiration, challenge, fitness or just a couple hours of unique fun. Our mission every day is to create a safe, fun, challenging environment where our students strive to surpass limitations and more richly enjoy their lives. Flying trapeze options include classes...

Sherpa Prep | GRE

in Dupont Circle
1623 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20009

Unlike most books and companies, we do not believe that great GRE scores and serious improvement come from learning a few clever test-taking strategies. Such strategies may have been enough 15 years ago, but the GRE has grown increasingly “self aware” over the years, and its makers have taken serious pains to minimize the usefulness of...


in North Bethesda

The Washington Institute for Conversion and the Study of Judaism, under the direction of Rabbi Bernice Weiss, offers individual counseling, private and group in­struction, education, outreach, and support ser­vices, which meet the needs of all persons choosing Juda­ism. The Insti­tute has created a comprehensive study pro­gram, utilizing textual...

Manhattan Review Washington

in Downtown, Washington, D.C.
1127 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20036

Manhattan Review was founded by Dr. Joern Meissner in 1999 and is managed now by a team of graduates from Ivy League business schools' Ph.D. and MBA programs. Unlike most of our competitors, Manhattan Review's GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, LSAT and SAT/ACT prep instructors have an unrivaled track record of academic achievements, MBA teaching experiences and career...

GW Training Center

in Downtown, Washington, D.C.
2120 L St NW Ste 530, Washington, District of Columbia 20037

The GW Training Center located in the GW MFA Department of Emergency Medicine is the premiere training center for all EMS & critical care specialties in the DC Metro Area. We teach over 500 classes per year for over 5,000 students including doctors, nurses of all levels, physician assistants, pre-hospital care personnel, all allied health personnel,...