District Dance Arts (DDA) exists to help people discover their physical and creative abilities through sound instruction in dance. We believe this discovery helps develop self-confidence, ambition, and discipline, all key to personal achievement and success. 

DDA’s owner has experienced the benefits of dance from personal experience and has seen these qualities develop in her students over the years in her career.

Additionally, a growing body of high-quality, sound, and rigorous research on the benefits of learning dance has found that dance education can develop strong qualities in young people and students of all ages. Here are some examples of that research:

  • Discipline: A study of teenage girls participating in after school dance programs at local dance studios found that the girls indicated the ability to apply the sense of control over their emotions, interactions, and their bodies learned in dance class to other situations in their life outside of dance.
  • Self-confidence and ambition: A study of at-risk and incarcerated teens showed that after a 10-week jazz and hip-hop dance program, students reported higher levels of confidence, tolerance, and persistence than they did at the beginning of the program. 

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