David Carlson

Teaches at The Art League

David Carlson works as an artist, teacher and community activist.  As an artist and abstract painter his works are considered ‘in the words’ of Kristen Hileman, curator of contemporary art at the Baltimore Museum of Art, a painter’s painter.   He has collaborated with composers, musicians, poets, artists and dancers for video projects that embrace humanistic and environmental concepts that are international in scope.
His paintings are represented in numerous collections; both private and corporate, national and international.   Carlson engaged in artist exchanges with Central Asia, West Africa, and North Africa and Europe. He has over 25 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows since 1986. His works have been exhibited in the Pretoria Art Museum, the Itturria Foundation, Musee Des Tapisseries, Aix en Provence, Wichita Falls Museum of Art, Ludwig Forum, John Cabot University, Korean Embassy Cultural Service, Yacine Art Gallery, Asilah Arts Festival, the Washington Project for the Arts and the Arlington Arts Center.  Since 2000, Carlson has shown digital videos in venues: Uruguay, France, Senegal, Egypt, Belgium, South Africa, Turkey, France, and the United States.
He has collaborated with artists to create two non-profit organizations, the Central Asian Cultural Exchange and Take Me to the River both based in Washington, DC.

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