Luke Miller & Alex Sarlin

Teaches at General Assembly

Luke got his start out of an English undergrad program managing data in the publishing industry and soon pursued a masters in Information Science with the ambition to look beyond the 'Whys' of what we know about what we know into the 'Hows.' Currently he is designing native mobile experiences for Yahoo! in NYC. In his spare time he teaches what makes interacting with computers a pleasurable experience and works on his own projects. Alex is a native New Yorker who has had the pleasure of creating content, instructional and UX design with a number of New York institutions, including the New York Times, WNET/Thirteen, the YMCA of Greater New York, Knewton and most recently, Scholastic's Educational Technology Group. He believes that great UX design, grounded in cognitive psychology, will continue to change the way we think, communicate and learn. He received his MA in Instructional Design and Technology from Teachers College, Columbia University with a focus on the use of game mechanics in education.

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