Ramkumar Hariharan

Teaches at General Assembly

Ramkumar Hariharan is currently principal data scientist at Fred Hutch, Seattle. His active pursuits at the Hutch include applying deep learning algorithms for biomedical image recognition, using machine learning approaches to integratively analyze multi- tiered biomolecular datasets and, developing and delivering short courses in the areas of data science and programming. He is also a visiting scientist to RIKEN, Japan. 

He is a hardcore Pythonista, and uses the language extensively on his job. He hails from Kerala, India and has a PhD in an interdisciplinary field. He loves going through the think-code- debug cycle iteratively to crack complex computational problems. In his career so far, he has transitioned seamlessly across different job profiles globally, stating out as a bioinformatics faculty in India. Ram is currently delving deeper into artificial intelligence, and solidifying his deep learning expertise. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family, trying out new eat-outs, and is passionate about writing short stories for children.

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