The Breema Center

The Breema Center

Life Skills
Rockridge, Oakland, California
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​The Breema Center, based in Oakland, CA, has been helping students around the world actualize Breema’s practical approach to self-understanding and purposeful living since 1980.

The classes, workshops, and intensive programs offered by the Center are for anyone interested in a practical way to deepen their relationship to life while nurturing the body.

Breema is taught in a refreshingly experiential manner, and is appropriate for laypersons and health professionals alike.

World headquarters for practitioner certification and continuing education, the Breema Center offers classes, workshops, and intensives for students of all levels. People come from all over the globe, attracted by Breema’s philosophy, principles, bodywork, and exercises.

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6076 Claremont Ave, Oakland, California 94618
The Breema Center
6076 Claremont Ave
Btwn Hillegass & College Avenues
Oakland, California 94618

Teachers at The Breema Center

Birthe Kaarsholm & Alexis Mulhauser Denise Berezonsky and Alexandra Johnson Emily Jena Hennessey Jon Schreiber Jon Schreiber & Birthe Kaarsholm Matthew Tousignant Roxanne Caswell, Jena Hennessey, & Laura Rawson