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The History of Photography

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

The Los Angeles Center of Photography is thrilled to produce an ongoing series on the history of photography. The series, typically offered the third Tuesday of each month, will be divided into the genres of photography. This year features lectures on notable Black and Women photographers in history, Street Photography, Still Life, Landscape and Documentary....

Tuesday Jul 19th, 5pm - 6:30pm Pacific Time

Abstract Painting Critique and Discussion (Int/Adv)

at 92nd Street Y -

Abstract Painting Critique and Discussion (Intermediate/Advanced) This online course will provide students with a forum to show and discuss their studio work for technical and conceptual feedback. These critiques will be supplemented through presentations and discussions on historical artists’ images, customized to hue with the work presented...

Wednesday Jul 13th, 7pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time

  (6 sessions)

6 sessions

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Virtual Melt & Pour Soap-Making Workshop

at Love & Make -

The Melt & Pour Soap Making Experience—at home! In this live, virtual workshop, you will learn the basics of melt and pour soap making, general techniques, and even a little history. We'll go through the use and benefits of the ingredients and learn about different recipes that students can use at home or give as gifts. This workshop is suited...

Saturday Jul 16th, 11am - 12pm Central Time


The Fundamentals of Drawing & Painting

at Chelsea Drawing & Painting Workshops -

In this workshop given through Zoom, the artist-Instructor: Raphael-Raúl, will introduce the student to the "visual language" of art.  He will teach "The Elements & Principles of Art," which is the basic conceptual understanding that the art student needs before applying a pencil, pen, or brush to paper and canvas. The instructor will introduce...

Friday Jul 1st, 7:30pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time

Still Life Painting: Life and Death in the Balance

at New York Academy of Art -

From the beginning, still life has been presented as humble in scope and subject, but this quiet genre is filled with the dirty secrets of existence: impermanence, tragedy, faith, science, memory, opulence, life, and death. In this class with Zane York students will develop a painting using strategies derived from the history of still life, with focus...

Thursday Jul 21st, 6:30pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time

  (6 sessions)

6 sessions

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Modern Portrait Art Camp (Ages 12-18 yrs)

at Art School of SF Bay -

Before photography was invented, a portrait was the only way to show and record the appearance of a person. In the first half of the XX century, photography became the most accessible and popular media of traditional portraiture, bringing what was previously an expensive art for almost everyone. This way, photography freed artists from realistic depictions...

Monday Jul 11th, 9am - 3:30pm Pacific Time

  (5 sessions)

5 sessions

Writing Pictures: An Exploration of Text and Image

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

There is a long history of photographers who have used the written word to inform and enhance their image making. American documentary photographer Dorthea Lange said, “All photographs—not only those that are so called ‘documentary’…can be fortified by words.” More and more contemporary artists are exploring the form to find new means...

Tuesday Jul 26th, 9am - 11:30am Pacific Time

  (5 sessions)

5 sessions

Beginner's Art Journaling

at The Art Studio NY -

Enjoy creative fulfillment in this relaxing and self-expressive art journaling class! Learn how to make a meditative art journal that captures your unique voice. You’ll learn how to layer and intuitively collage, express yourself with paint and meditative marks, use watercolor to channel your mood, then add quotes, pictures and other details to personalize...

Monday Aug 1st, 8pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

The Female Body Revealed and Concealed Workshop

at New York Academy of Art -

This workshop will examine representations of the female body throughout art history, including religious and allegorical subjects, historic figures, anatomical subjects, and individuals in media and popular culture. How have framings of the female body changed over time and what threads have carried through different generations? Join artist and...

Monday Aug 22nd, 6:30pm - 8pm Eastern Time

Artist as Subject: Strategies of Self-Portraiture

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

How do we make an image of ourselves that moves beyond simple description? What elevates a self-portrait into the realm of narrative or universal? How can we use our own bodies to illustrate a concept or an idea? This class will help students answer these questions and more by studying the history and techniques of self-portraiture, shooting at home,...

Thursday Nov 3rd, 9am - 11am Pacific Time

  (6 sessions)

6 sessions

Essential Drawing Course for Beginners

at Prima Materia Institute -

Learn all the drawing fundamentals that will help you draw realistically and convincingly. This drawing course includes 12 online classes. The classes take place in real-time every Tuesday at 6:30pm Pacific Time via Zoom. The Essential Drawing Course for Beginners covers 12 crucial topics every beginner artist needs to know. You'll be exposed to a...

Tuesday Jul 5th, 6:30pm - 8pm Pacific Time

  (12 sessions)

12 sessions

Intro to Art Professions

at Art School of SF Bay -

Ever wondered what to do with your passion for drawing? This camp will help! We will take a peek at the most popular art professions of XXI century. You will learn what it feels like to be: an artist who creates worlds and characters for movies and games, a designer who creates everyday objects that everyone loves, an architect who designs ergonomic...

Monday Aug 1st, 9am - 3:30pm Pacific Time

  (5 sessions)

5 sessions

Crafting Compelling Visual Narrative

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

The Provocative Photograph: Crafting Compelling Visual Narratives Have you ever connected with a photograph on a psychological or visceral level? It’s possible you may not even be aware of it. Great photographs often connect with our subconscious, producing a response that although pleasing to the eye, resonates deeper under the surface. This...

Monday Sep 12th, 10am - 12pm Pacific Time

  (6 sessions)

6 sessions

Self-Publish & Design Your Own Photo Book - Level I

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

There is a rich history of self-published authors including Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King and Mark Twain. Now that artists are able to produce their own hardcover and softcover books online at a relatively low cost, self-publishing has become a popular alternative for photographers. This workshop will cover the basic principles of designing your...

Saturday Nov 5th, 9am - 12pm Pacific Time

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

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Death Inspires Life Workshop (Online)

at New York Academy of Art -

Why do artists study anatomy? Is it any different from the medical study of anatomy? Join artist, doctor, and independent scholar Allison Hill-Edgar for her fascinating lecture and discussion workshop exploring the history of anatomical representation and how art and medicine have been closely intertwined and often interdependent. Whereas in the Renaissance,...

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