Brooklyn Craft Company

Brooklyn Craft Company

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York
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Brooklyn Craft Company is a brick-and-mortar space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn featuring modern craft + DIY classes and events.

Our class offerings include:

  • sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery and all kinds of needlework
  • dyeing, printmaking, paper crafts, glass etching and all kinds of DIY trends
  • terrariums, macrame, perfume-making, mixology
  • jewelry-making and accessory design
  • drawing, painting, photography, photoshop, graphic design
  • holiday gifts and decor
  • cookie and cake decorating, knife skills and other fun food-related topics
Brooklyn Craft Company and Brooklyn Craft Camp were founded by DIY expert Brett Bara. Brett is a Brooklyn resident and crafts professional who saw a need for fun, approachable crafts activities for creative (but busy) New Yorkers. She took her knowledge of the crafts industry, combined it with the Brooklyn DIY scene, added in delicious food, great style, and good music–and Brooklyn Craft Camp was born. Craft Camp was such a success that it spawned a larger initiative, Brooklyn Craft Company: a 1400-square-foot space in a former pencil factory offering a full schedule of modern craft and DIY classes.

Reviews of Brooklyn Craft Company

(443 Reviews)
Knit a Chunky Sweater


Attended: Knit a Chunky Sweater

Great class!

Knitting 101

Kristen N.

Attended: Knitting 101

The instructor was great, and I love Brooklyn Craft Co. I only wish the class size had been a little smaller, or perhaps there had been a second instructor or assistant, to minimize the time spent waiting for someone to check on how we were doing and answer questions. But I would still recommend the class anyway!

Sewing 101: Make a Skirt

Hillary S.

Attended: Sewing 101: Make a Skirt

I loved this class! The instructor was very helpful and patient, and I felt like I really had a good grasp of sewing 101 when the class was over. LOVE my skirt. Highly recommend!

Modern Calligraphy


Attended: Modern Calligraphy

I had a great time in this Modern Calligraphy course. Margaret Fu was patient and informative, giving everyone individual attention and assistance. The class was easy-going and went by fast. We left with practice materials, useful tips, ink, a nib, and a nib holder. I would definitely recommend this class to others.

Punch Needle 101


Attended: Punch Needle 101

The class was very fun and relaxed, but I wish there was more emphasis on technique. A lot of it was open time to work, but I would have liked to see more examples of some of the things we could do with punch needle. I am really enjoying my piece that I finished! Also if you are going to the class they will have yarn for you, but bear in mind that if you are not able to finish in time they won't let you take the yarn with you. I thought that part was a bummer as had I known I would have done certain colors first since I have some other plain yarns at home.

Beginner Patchwork Intensive

Ritu C.

Attended: Beginner Patchwork Intensive

A lovely place and warm owners. The best part is the teacher teaching this course if very handson and helpful in making us understand the concepts.

Modern Calligraphy

Lizzette C.

Attended: Modern Calligraphy

I appreciated the intimate size of the group and how relaxing it was to practice this beautiful way to write.

Modern Abstract Watercolor Painting

Anna P.

Attended: Modern Abstract Watercolor Painting

I loved the laid-back vibe of this class. The teacher gives just enough direction and leaves us free to explore and experiment with the different materials and techniques available, but is always there to help. Really fun to do with a friend or SO.

Modern Abstract Watercolor Painting


Attended: Modern Abstract Watercolor Painting

It could be shorter or have the content better distributed along the time

Macrame Wall Hanging

Tracy G.

Attended: Macrame Wall Hanging

I love the wall hanging I created and the instructor was enthusiastic for every design and gave great instruction.

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Brooklyn Craft Company
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