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History Lessons Coming up in New York

Inside the Entertainment Industrial Complex

at Think Olio - Union Square, New York

Inside the Entertainment-Industrial Complex: How Guilty Pleasures Take the Edge Off Reality Eisenhower cautioned us against the military one; if only Orson Welles had warned us about the vastly more insidious assemblage, the Entertainment-Industrial Complex. Reality has become much less real (and important) in contemporary American society. America...

Friday Jan 20th, 7pm


Reading the Iliad

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Greenwich Village, New York

The Iliad stands at the start of most histories of western literature, even as it remains enduringly strange—often, it seems, at odds with the very tradition it has been taken to inaugurate.  In our course, we will attempt to recapture some of the strangeness and some of the continuing relevance of the Iliad. We will closely read...


4 sessions

Tuesday Jan 31st, 6:30pm


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The History of Gin

at Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights, New York

From the debauched slums of Victorian London to dry martinis and fancy cocktail parties,gin has had a remarkable journey, a story that reflects the ever changing moods and sensibilities of society at large. Like many other spirits, it began life in the alchemist’s workshop as a medicinal cure-all, a link it would retain as a mainstay of European...

Tuesday Feb 7th, 6:30pm


The Sumerians: History's Innovators

at Brooklyn Brainery - Brooklyn, New York

This class seeks to shed some long-overdue light on these people whose legacy we are still surrounded by. Together, we will follow the Sumerians as they climb the heights of achievement in art, literature and government, from their mysterious origins around 3500 BCE to their disappearance circa 1200 BCE. We’ll hear Sumerian poetry and music, see...

Wednesday Feb 15th, 6:30pm


Feminist Futures

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - East Harlem, New York

From designer babies to genetic surveillance, and from the “culture” of tech workplaces to the politics of climate change, feminist science studies writers are at the forefront of research on some of the most pressing issues in science and technology today. Together they force us to consider whether new technologies—such as those in medicine...


4 sessions

Monday Jan 30th, 6:30pm


Consciousness Hacking: Seeking Enlightenment

at Think Olio - Union Square, New York

Consciousness Hacking: Seeking Enlightenment Through Technology, Psychedelics, and Meditation “Consciousness Hacking” is a pragmatic approach to spiritual transformation that utilizes three principal modalities:  technology,  psychedelics/entheogens, and  the contemplative arts (i.e. yoga and meditation).  The phrase...

Friday Feb 3rd, 7pm


Bronx Man Leads Russian Revolution

at Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights, New York

"Bronx Man Leads Russian Revolution" and other Stories of Espionage Slip into the covert history of New York City, and follow in the footsteps of four centuries of spies. Explore New York’s finest hotels and most elegant office towers, as well as its toughest docks and most derelict tenements, through the eyes of an active agent. Along...

Tuesday Jan 24th, 8:30pm


Basic Feng Shui

at New York Institute of Technology - Upper West Side, New York

This course will provide an introduction to thePrinciples of Feng Shui. Students will learn how the interiors professional may apply basic correctionsand adjustments according to FS principles. Included will be a general history; discussion of schools and methods of practice; use of color,form and materials, to give a solid foundation and understanding...


10 sessions

Monday Feb 6th, 6:30pm


Intermediate - Armored Combat League

at Sword Class NYC - East Harlem, New York

In this class students will do exhaustive conditioning drills, strength training, weapons training, takedown drills, and more.  Intermediate level students are expected to begin assembling their armor kits, and training in full gear (their own or borrowed) as soon as they are able.​

Saturday Jan 21st, 2pm

Other dates (11)

Chancellor’s Day: Gay Gotham

at Museum of the City of New York - Public - East Harlem, New York

In this full day of programming for educators, discover the artistic subcultures in New York during the 20th century and celebrate the queer creative networks whose radical ideas had lasting effects on the mainstream. This Chancellor’s Day is held in conjunction with the exhibition Gay Gotham: Art and Underground Culture in New York.

Monday Jan 30th, 9am


Is Design for Everyone

at Think Olio - Manhattan, New York

Is Design for Everyone?: A Look at How we do (and do not) Access Design From the Birth of the Internet to the Rise of the Drone How do people interact with the designed products, buildings, and frameworks of everyday life? What barriers stand in our way, for us and for others? And why should we care?  Modern and contemporary design history has...

Thursday Feb 23rd, 7:30pm


Preserving Stories: An Oral History Workshop

at Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights, New York

Did you ever wish you could hear your great-grandfather talk about what life was like in the “old days”? Or what it was like growing up in Williamsburg many years ago? Maybe your grandchildren will wonder someday what life was like for you when you were young. Oral history can preserve these stories for posterity.   What is oral history?...


2 sessions

Saturday Feb 18th, 11am


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New York at Its Core Seminar Day: Rhythm & Power

at Museum of the City of New York - Public - East Harlem, New York

Learn the history of the city by embracing its many beats. Bring literacy, science, geography, and history into your classroom via gallery tours, and music, dance, and art workshops. This Seminar Day for educators will explore the theme of Rhythm & Power in conjunction with New York at Its Core, the first exhibition to present the compelling story...


Saturday Feb 11th, 9am


Kill Bill Vol. 1: Quentin Tarantino as Mash-Up DJ

at Think Olio - Brooklyn, New York

Join us for an evening at Brooklyn Boulders as Professor Geoff Klock (the man who won a grant to study Kill Bill) shows us through an hours worth of clips from his favorite Tarantino film. Tarantino steals music, dialogue, fight moves, costumes, and set design from an international host of D-list movies. But Kill Bill is more than a game of Spot that...

Saturday Jan 28th, 6pm


Netflix and Chill en Français

at French Institute Alliance Française - Upper East Side, New York

Aimez-vous passer du temps devant la télé ? Préférez-vous apprendre le français d’une manière plus détendue ? Dans cet atelier, nous allons parler, échanger, discuter, et débattre en français en utilisant comme support la vidéo notamment grâce à des séries TV françaises et francophones. Cet atelier vous est plus particulièrement...

Friday Feb 10th, 4pm