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Improv I: Fundamentals

The Barrow Group Acting School @ 254 Hicks St, New York, NY 11201

The Barrow Group offers a wide variety of improvisation training and programming for beginners and professionals. Improv will stimulate your imagination, encourage playfulness, instill confidence, and sharpen collaboration and ensemble building skills. Our improv activities train you to be an innovative and refreshing actor. We highly recommend incorporating improvisation into your acting training, as spontaneity is at the core of The Barrow Group...

Tuesday Oct 3rd, 11am–2pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Drop-in Improv

Brooklyn Comedy Collective @ 144 Boerum St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

This is an in-person class. Sign-up for any date ahead of time or pay via Venmo at the door (provided spots are available). Each class is limited to 14 students. Do you want to try out one single improv class? Are you someone looking for more reps? Come to the drop-in class! Each class will focus on a specific theme related to performing great improv - with lots of scenes, reps, and notes. Come to just one class, come to all of them, do what your...

Saturday Oct 14th, 12–2:30pm Eastern Time

Sunday Afternoon - Performance Improv

Kissin Improv @ 131 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023

Important: Instructor permission is required to attend this class. In this class, you will be working with experienced improvisers — some working in the business, others aspiring.  My goal is to make you the best possible performer you can be. We will do a mix of classic improv exercises as well as experimenting with new forms. ​This level is for improvisers who want to hone their skills, push their limits, and have an opportunity to...

Sunday Sep 24th, 3–5pm Eastern Time

Improv 4 Teens Times Square NYC

NEW YORK IMPROV THEATRE(8 Improv) @ 318 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019

Every session includes playing Improv Comedy Games. While having a ton of fun and making life long friends, develop valuable life skills: creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, listening, focus, self confidence, self awareness etc. Weekly Classes fall, winter and spring, plus summer camp. EVERY Session ends with a performance showcase for invited guests, friends and family. LIVE from Times Square NYC OR bring our teaching artists to your...

Saturday Sep 30th, 12–2pm Eastern Time


NEW YORK IMPROV THEATRE(8 Improv) @ 318 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019

Our #1 rule is to HAVE FUN but never at another's expense. Every session includes a series of games that develop mental, physical and team focus and communication skills. These sessions are specifically geared towards professionals from a variety of careers to help develop valuable skills in public speaking, team communications, self confidence etc. We play these same games to teach corporate groups management, team building, sales and service....

Sunday Sep 24th, 12–2pm Eastern Time

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Improv Fundamentals 1 (7 Week Beginner Course)

Brooklyn Improv Training @ 126 10th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

​Learn the basics of both Improv and Ensemble in this fun and lively class! Topics covered include: embracing the “strong and wrong,” staying present, listening, and finding radical agreement. We also teach the framework of scenic structure, and take a good long look at creating “the where.” This class is as much about learning basic improv techniques as it is about creating a new ensemble through shared learning and experience. The final...

Monday Nov 6th, 7–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (7 sessions)


7 sessions

Tuesday Improv - Night Time Special (Class + Coaching)

Kissin Improv @ 131 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023

One of this country's most experienced and well-reviewed improv performers -- a veteran of over 4000 shows with Chicago CIty Limits -- can teach anyone to improvise! You do not need to be "fast on your feet" or "funny" or an extrovert, just someone who is willing to play. This class will help you at work with presentations and public speaking, socially, or simply provide laughs.  All levels welcome as Carl Kissin, whom the NY Times called,...

Tuesday Sep 26th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

Next Level Sh*t: Scene Studies

Brooklyn Improv Training @ 126 10th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Workshops for the seasoned improviser! Each class peers into the depths of specific improv concepts, helping students fine-tune their skills in a supportive and trusting environment. Additionally, each class will introduce students to a different improv form, highlighting key concepts and providing helpful tips. Taught by LOM/BIT co-founder Nolan Kennedy, who has been teaching and performing improv across the globe for the last 21 years. BIT Improv...

Wednesday Oct 4th, 7–9:30pm Eastern Time

Drop-in Clown

Brooklyn Comedy Collective @ 144 Boerum St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Do you want to try out one single clown class? Have you been wondering what this joyful world is all about? Come to the drop-in class! In each class students will practice exercises from some of the greats (Lecoq, Conway, Johnstone) while working on taming their ego and bringing out their true inner clown. Come to just one class, come to all of them, do what your heart desires. This is the perfect place to get your feet wet and learn from...

Saturday Sep 30th, 12–2:30pm Eastern Time

Drop-in Stand-Up

Brooklyn Comedy Collective @ 144 Boerum St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Do you want to try out one single stand-up class? Do you have some jokes that need a little workshopping? Come to the drop-in class! Each class you will have the opportunity to test out material and get feedback and detailed notes. Come to just one class, come to all of them, do what your heart desires. This is the perfect place to hone your skills and get direct feedback from the best, Shalewa Sharpe. All experience levels welcome.

Saturday Oct 7th, 12–2:30pm Eastern Time

Advanced Film Acting 210

Acting School for Film and Television @ 440 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10023

Important: This Price option is for New Students Only. For Returning Students, please proceed to this course.  Only New Students can avail of these promotional prices. Clients cannot purchase a 2nd 3-Part class for $99. We will not be able to warrant promotional price purchases for returning students. -- The advanced class gives advanced and professional actors a chance to focus on their specific needs and professional development. Students...

Tuesday Sep 26th, 6:15–9pm Eastern Time

Advanced Film Acting 210 (For Returning Students)

Acting School for Film and Television @ 440 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10023

Important: This course is for Returning Students only. For New Students, please proceed to this course. The advanced class gives advanced and professional actors a chance to focus on their specific needs and professional development. Students are given more difficult audition and scene work, and are challenged to broaden and expand their range with improv and specific exercises.  Emphasis is placed on perfecting and polishing performances,...

Tuesday Sep 26th, 6:15–9pm Eastern Time

Beginners Acting II: Getting Specific

The Barrow Group Acting School @ 254 Hicks St, New York, NY 11201

In this class, students will delve deeper into the Barrow Group approach and tools, while working on ensemble building games, script analysis/story structure, monologues, and scene study. Prerequisite: Beginners Acting Level 1 All exercises are designed to: Encourage spontaneity Foster real human behavior Help the actor become more sensitive, imaginative, responsive, and alive onstage Relax the actor Change the work effortlessly and invisibly (so the audience won’t detect...

Sunday Sep 24th, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

3-Hour Group Evaluation Class Deal

3-Hour Group Evaluation Class

Edge Studio Voice Over @ 115 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036

Edge Studio’s 3-hour Group Evaluation Class is the first step in your voiceover education. In this interactive, three-hour long class you will work in a small group setting with one of our Edge Studio Instructors to: Get a brief overview of the modern voice over industry Read for a coach and receive live feedback Receive a follow-up call with a member of our team to discuss the areas of voice over where we think you would be most marketable,...

Tuesday Sep 26th, 6–9pm Eastern Time


Beginners Acting I: The Basics

The Barrow Group Acting School @ 254 Hicks St, New York, NY 11201

This class is designed for the beginning / amateur adult actor. This class is a great introduction to the Barrow Group approach and foundation for the craft. The class highlights quick and powerful ways to make your performance more natural and spontaneous. Students will work with ensemble building games, script analysis, and scene study. No experience is necessary. A great start for the beginning actor!

Friday Sep 29th, 11am–2pm Eastern Time

 (11 sessions)


11 sessions

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Discover the Best Improv Classes in NYC

Improvisational theatre, better known as improv, is a form of ensemble theatre that is spontaneous. The performance itself is both unplanned and unscripted. The dialogue, actions, storyline, and characters are all developed as the scene unfolds. It is not always comedic but often is, making improv popular among comedians. 

Improv in the West can be traced back to ancient Rome, in 391 BC, where it was performed as part of the Atellan Farce. These comedy performances involved masked performers who improvised dialogue using pre-planned characters. Improv continued to develop as street performers used it to show off their quick, comedic thinking to earn money. 

In the 20th century, improv was professionally developed. Styles like improv games (short form), improv scenes (long form), and improvised plays (narrative form) were developed. Improv-focused comedy clubs formed and in the later 20th century and early 21st century, improv-based television shows began airing. Improv is now a desired skill among theatre actors, so it has become a part of many drama curriculums.

Today improv remains a popular form of live entertainment. It is an accessible activity due to the low barriers of entry, making it an activity enjoyed by many. You can take in-person or online improv classes to learn the basic principles, or you can turn to free resources online. There are plenty of on-demand tutorials that teach you the basics of improv like listening and spontaneity. Television shows where hosts engage in improv games in front of a live audience are available online that you can watch as a form of demonstration. 

Why You Should Learn Improv in NYC

Whether you’re looking to learn improv because you want to begin theatre acting or because you would like to improve your interpersonal skills, there are many benefits to taking an improv class in NYC. 

Improv is a great activity for anyone dealing with stage fright or a fear of public speaking. It requires you to create a storyline and character in front of a live audience in real time, encouraging quick thinking. Since there is no script or pre-planned dialogue, you must rely on yourself to come up with ideas that fit the scene. This can all seem intimidating at first, but with enough practice, you’ll grow to be more comfortable and confident in performing in front of others. 

With improv, you’ll learn to face failure. This may come from not knowing how to continue a scene or not creating a character that works well within the scene. It’s okay to fail in improv. In fact, instances of failure will only help you improve your improv abilities as you learn from your mistakes. Once you move past your fear of failing, you can focus more of your attention on the principles of developing an entertaining scene. 

Improv also provides mental benefits. It has been shown to reduce social anxiety by reducing uncertainty intolerance. When you’re uncertain about a situation, it can cause anxiety. By engaging in improv, you’ll be working on becoming more comfortable in uncertain situations. As you become accustomed to reacting to uncertain situations, you’ll begin to feel less anxiety when placed in them in the future. 

In-Person Improv Classes & Schools in NYC

In-person improv classes are offered at schools across New York City. They are typically open to learners of all levels, from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. These classes can introduce you to others with an interest in improv and allow you to work with an experienced instructor who will guide you through the principles of improv and scene work.

In Manhattan, just blocks from Madison Square Park, is The Magnet Training Center, which offers several improv classes. If you’re just getting started with improv, you have the option of taking their Principles of Improv class. Principles of Improv throws you right into gaining improv experience, as you work your way through warm-up-style improv games. You’ll then work on two-person scenes, before advancing to group scenes, group games, and even monologues. 

Another beginner class at The Magnet Training Center is their Improv Intensive. This level-one class puts you onstage immediately, making it perfect for fearless learners. You will explore the fundamentals of improvisation with a partner while working on exercises based on the concepts of agreement, commitment, spontaneity, and listening. This class is particularly focused on turning you into a confident performer. At the end of the class, you will perform in front of friends and family at a class graduation performance. 

If you take the first two level improv intensives, you can move on to the Improv Level Three Intensive. This advanced-level class teaches the fundamentals of long-form improv, also known as the Harold format. Once you’ve mastered this fun and simple format, you’ll perform a Harold in your class graduation show in front of friends and family. If you have a teenager that you’d like to enroll in an improv class, The Magnet Training Center has a class called Improv for Teens. This is a fundamental course for teens aged 12 through 17. 

You can take classes in a variety of acting and theatre techniques at the Barrow Group Acting School in Hell’s Kitchen. They often update their schedule with adult improv classes that teach the fundamentals of improv. Their more advanced improv classes teach long-form improv basics and techniques. If you’d like to learn how to improve character development in your improv scenes, consider taking one of their playwriting classes. 

The Barrow Group Acting School also holds classes for teens and tweens. If you’re looking to enroll your child in a class alongside your own, they have multiple options focusing on improv among other acting and theatre classes. These include introductory improv and sketch comedy classes as well as a summer camp. The last day of these classes is open to family and friends. 

Virtual Improv Classes & Schools

In-person improv classes are a great way to get hands-on instruction while also witnessing demonstrations up close. Attending in-person classes can also be a good way to socialize and make friends with other people that have an interest in improv. 

However, in-person classes are not always available in your area or may not fit into your schedule. If this is the case, consider checking out virtual improv classes. These remote classes can be attended from anywhere, including your own home. They are taught by an experienced live instructor and are focused on a variety of aspects of improv. Remote classes can also be more comfortable for some people because you are performing through a screen rather than directly in front of others. 

There are a few online improv classes available for you to take on CourseHorse. 

Beginners looking to learn improv while also socializing in a fun and friendly environment should check out the class Improvise, Socialize, Revitalize. This one-hour class, offered by Kissin Improv, is led by an instructor who will offer feedback as you practice your improv skills. If you’d like to take a longer course, this class is also offered in a four-session format. Not only will you be able to practice your improv skills, but you will work toward mastering the principles of improv that can help you in any work, performance, or social situation. 

Additional improv classes are offered online throughout the year. Check back on CourseHorse regularly to see their updated schedule of new and returning improv classes. Previously offered online classes have taught the principles of improv while also encouraging participants to work on improving their confidence and communication skills. 

Private Group Improv Classes in NYC

Are you looking to schedule a fun improv class for your business or organization? Does your team need a fun activity that will help them work on their communication and ability to collaborate? CourseHorse offers improv classes for private groups that they can deliver to you. 

Their virtual Team-Building Improv Workshop accommodates up to 40 participants looking to work on strengthening their abilities as a team to listen, collaborate, and problem-solve. You and your group will work through improv games and exercises and leave the workshop with a better ability to communicate with each other effectively and make quick decisions individually and as a team. 

Smaller groups of up to 20 people can sign up for the virtual Corporate Improv Workshop. This class encourages you to gain confidence in yourself as you work through comedic improv games and exercises. You and your group members will create funny scenes together as a way of practicing collaboration. 

CourseHorse also offers a class called Public Speaking through Stand-up. This online class is taught by a professional comedian and focuses on developing better public speaking skills. Your group will do this by working on creating funny jokes that can be told in a stand-up routine. 

If these classes don’t meet your group’s needs or interests, you can reach out to CourseHorse through the contact form on their website. They can work with you to determine what class does meet your needs and size. Their classes can accommodate varying group sizes. If you don’t know your group size when signing up for a class, you can select the minimum group size before updating the number before your class. 

CourseHorse classes may be delivered over a variety of platforms, but they recommend using Zoom.