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Self Improvement Classes Coming up in New York

Beginner Kendo

at Sword Class NYC - East Harlem, New York

Class focuses on beginner level techniques of Kendo. The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the Katana (sword).   The purpose of practicing Kendo is:  To mold the mind and body To cultivate a vigorous spirit And through correct and rigid training: To strive for improvement...

Wednesday Jan 25th, 7pm

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Think Like a Winner

at Aish Seminars - Murray Hill, New York

Winners were not born that way. They learned it. You can learn it too! Each session is practical and explains clearly how it will pivot your whole life towards greater success. See for yourself what this can do to transform your thinking, which will transform your life. Successful people make no secret that attitude is the most important ingredient...


9 sessions

Monday Jan 23rd, 7:30pm

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Sound Meditation

at New York Open Center

In this workshop we will learn about Sound Meditation for both healing and inspiration. While Sound Meditation can incorporate sounds from many traditions and languages, as well as from ones own revelation, this workshop will place special emphasis on using powerful one-syllable Beej (seed) mantras of the Yoga tradition. We will focus on how mantra...

Sunday Jan 22nd, 9:30am


The New York Bliss Marriage Seminar

at Aish Seminars - Murray Hill, New York

With over 10 years and thousands of participants, the BLISS Relationship Seminar is by far one of the most popular marriage program in the region. It's an incredibly entertaining way to a winning relationship. One of the first things you will be amazed to learn is not only how fun the program is, but how these same easy tools can help you with...


7 sessions

Monday Jan 23rd, 6pm

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Capoeira Martial Arts Class

at Bellydance with Salit/Brooklyn Capoeira - Gowanus, New York

Capoeira is a blend of martial arts, dance, self-defense, acrobatics, music. It is one of the most complete workouts and fitness programs that develops strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, rhythm, agility, reflexes, endurance... and so much more. Capoeira develops mind, body, spirit and gets more enjoyable the longer one practices.

Wednesday Jan 25th, 7pm

Other dates (10)

Full Moon Circles

at New York Open Center - Flatiron, New York

The full moon has long been a source of great power and mystery. Beautifully illuminating the night sky, our closest celestial neighbor gives us the opportunity to set positive intentions and initiate balance in mind, body, and spirit. It is an ideal time of the month to manifest change. As we create sacred space, we foster inner awakening and renewal....

Thursday Feb 9th, 8pm

Other dates (2)

Social Anxiety Support Workshop

at Public Speaking Center of NY - Upper West Side, New York

Overcome shyness and gain confidence in interpersonal interaction in this ongoing 10-session program. You will become a more skilled and confident communicator in all areas of life. There is hope, and we can definitely provide the help in a comfortable, supportive environment.   Our workshop is focused on results.  Discussion of social anxiety...


10 sessions

Saturday Jan 28th, 12pm

Other dates (4)

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

at Global Knowledge - Midtown, New York

Improve your emotional intelligence skills to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself, in others, and in groups! Recent studies indicate that emotional intelligence is a powerful key to effective leadership. This valuable seminar delivers the in-depth knowledge and practical emotional intelligence skills you need to ensure that you are...


3 sessions

Wednesday Jan 25th, 9am

Other dates (3)

Breaking Free of Clutter

at New York Open Center - Flatiron, New York

Andrew Mellen, The Most Organized Man in America, has a simple message: “Clutter is nothing more than deferred decisions.” As fall approaches, now is the perfect time to reflect on the year so far, so you can decide what to keep or discard on every level. Today, Andrew will take you through a series of exercises using your own actual to-do lists,...


4 sessions

Thursday Jan 26th, 8pm



at Baruch College - CAPS - Murray Hill, New York

Students will learn techniques of stretching, breathing, and the concentration of the mind and body. The Yang-style standard form of Tai-Chi Chuan consists of 24 simple postures. Long-term practice of this martial art can help strengthen the body and restore health. This form (or style) differs from others but remains within the framework of basic...


8 sessions

Saturday Jan 28th, 9am

Other dates (2)

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Guard Against Energy Vampires

at Donna Henes, Urban Shaman - Prospect Heights, New York

To Fortify You as We Face an Uncertain Future. Has the election hit you hard? Do you feel overwhelmed by news overload, hate mongering, and cynical manipulation?   Are you depressed, feeling helpless and hopeless by realizing how much and how many need attending to, but have so little energy to offer?   Do you feel as though your life-blood...

Saturday Jan 28th, 1pm


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

at New York Open Center - Flatiron, New York

EFT—Emotional Freedom Technique (sometimes called “tapping”)—is a healing method that draws from both ancient acupuncture techniques and modern psychological insights, and that is especially effective in helping us release fears, anxieties,doubts, and self-sabotage. It involves gently tapping on specific acupuncture points on the face and body...

Friday Jan 20th, 7pm


Goal Setting for Tweens

at Wagner College Lifelong Learning - Grymes Hill, New York

It’s never too soon to start setting goals no matter what age.  In this all new class, tweens will begin by defining various types of goals and understanding why it is important to begin setting goals that will empower them to achieve self-improvement, and good work/study habits. In this class, everyone has the opportunity to boost their self-confidence,...


12 sessions

Friday Feb 3rd, 4:30pm


Energy Healing Breathwork Ceremony

at Sixth Street Community Center - East Village, New York

Utilizing the breath in healing work is a powerful and effective hands off technique in bursting through old blockages in the body that are limiting us in life. These blockages may be caused by trauma, past life or ancestral karmic events, abuse, fear, depression, self inhibitions, and more. Trained by renowned healer David Elliot, a typical breathwork...

Friday Jan 20th, 7pm


Personal Branding with Purpose

at Be Social Change - Downtown Brooklyn, New York

Developing a personal brand - creating your image and guiding your reputation - has never been more important. Whether you’re seeking to move up in your organization, looking for a new job, thinking about making a career change, launching a new business, wanting to attract new clients, or looking to scale your social impact, in today’s rapidly-changing,...


Thursday Jan 26th, 7pm