Brooklyn Shoe Space

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
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Brooklyn Shoe Space's mission is to offer a fully equipped studio space for shoemakers, to be a reliable resource for shoe designers, to encourage creativity in our community through fun educational programming, and to make shoemaking accessible to a wider audience.  

Brooklyn Shoe Space provides a range of classes for students of all skill levels. At BKSS our mission is to encourage creativity and inspire the shoemaker in all of us by creating a collaborative and inspiring community.

Reviews of Brooklyn Shoe Space

(155 Reviews)

Jeff J.

Attended: Wallet Making Workshop

The class was excellent - full of great info as well as fun. Bonnie was great teacher! She allowed us to be as creative as we wanted but was still able to shepherd everyone along so we actually finished whatever we chose to make.

Jason W.

Attended: Wallet Making Workshop

The class was a great introductory course and I was thoroughly pleased with the patients, and skill with Bonnie the instructor


Attended: Shoemaking #001: Introduction

Really bad. We just measured our feet. They should've given a better overview of the shoe making process

Lucia P.

Attended: Shoemaking Workshop: Five-Day Intensive

Very interested class, i suggest maybe a litte more longer than 5 days, because is too many information in a short time! And its very quickly for the short time! But its very nice!


Attended: Leather Slippers

The instructor was patient, helpful & preent, absolute doll! Great class, so much fun & a fabulous end product...will be takimg it again & bringing friends!

Suna A.

Attended: Shoemaking #001: Introduction

I attended the class with much enthusiasm and excitement to learn the initial processes or at least thinking that goes into shoemaking but I left somewhat dismayed as the only thing of value I learned in an hour and a half was how to measure my feet. I would recommend that perhaps more thought is put into introducing the concepts of shoe making with samples that are set up on the table for students to see instead of watching the instructor looking for misplaced items. The instructor Keiko is really sweet but I'm used to more structure and valuable information being shared in a course I pay for, not waiting and wondering.


Attended: Slides and Mule Making

My instructor Bonnie was the best. I showed up rather early so we chatted while she set up the class. It was very informative and she really helped us make some great shoes, rather than letting my sloppy work slide. It ended up taking us longer than the allotted time but she stayed and I'm glad she did. My shoes turned out beautifully and they look professionally made. I wore them out and they're comfortable too. I hope to take more classes soon!

Ioana F.

Attended: Slides and Mule Making

Very fun and super informative -- Bonnie was amazing! I made my first pair of shoes ^^ It's a full day class so expect to be on the tired side by the end of it.


Attended: Wallet Making Workshop

Course was described as teaching the "basics of working with leather", but the class really had very little to do with the material of the wallet itself. The class didn't explain anything about the materials, the tools, or general techniques available when making leather wallets or any other leather product. We focused more on sewing than anything else. This wasn't exactly what I was hoping to get out of the class, and I don't feel that this was an introductory leather class as described.

Diana O.

Attended: Leather Bag Making

It was such a productive class! The instructor at Brooklyn Shoe Space, Lorna was very helpful in coming up with a design I would like to make, and she was there every step of the way to walk me through the process. Class was hands on with cutting out material, sewing, applying hardware and the order of how things should be put together. I totally lucked out and got a one-on-one with the instructor since the other student dropped the class! After 2 nights, I had a fantastic leather backpack, and would totally make more on my own!

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