Brooklyn Shoe Space

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
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Brooklyn Shoe Space's mission is to offer a fully equipped studio space for shoemakers, to be a reliable resource for shoe designers, to encourage creativity in our community through fun educational programming, and to make shoemaking accessible to a wider audience.  

Brooklyn Shoe Space provides a range of classes for students of all skill levels. At BKSS our mission is to encourage creativity and inspire the shoemaker in all of us by creating a collaborative and inspiring community.

Reviews of Brooklyn Shoe Space

(125 Reviews)


Attended: Shoemaking #001: Introduction

Like the class and content! I do wish that the explanation was more forthcoming... I would have signed up for the whole day if I knew more about the intro topics

Lavera B.

Attended: Slides and Mule Making

I was so excited taking this class. I learned so much and I love my shoes. I would definitely recommend the class.

Laura R.

Attended: Leather Belt Making

The instructor, Emily, was beyond helpful and nice- she altered my version of the class so it was more suited to my skills and interests without any hesitation. The space was the first time I felt like I was in an environment with working artists (something I miss greatly from my college days- I went to Parsons.) I was really sad to leave at the end and am looking into getting a membership. Emily even gave advice of what materials to purchase for working at home (which I did right away.) Most definitely recommending this to my other art school friends. Maybe my favorite experience all year!

Jason P.

Attended: Leather Belt Making

Very nice intro to tooling leather. I plan to attend part 2.

Andrea T.

Attended: Leather Techniques 1

Amazing Class. The instructor, Emily, was so patient and knowledgeable. The class was small so we received a lot of 1-1 attention.

Vera K.

Attended: Leather Techniques 1

Amazing class! Elizabeth was very attentive and answered all the questions I had prepared for her :) group was small and we were able to finish everything! Will be back !

Mabel Y.

Attended: Basic Leather Tooling Techniques 1

Ms. Boksenbau set a comfortable pace and gave clear instructions. which allowed a novice like myself to gain the confidence to go for it. I was very pleased with my first attempt at leather tooling, thanks to her instructions.

rachel c.

Attended: Shoemaking #002: Pattern Making

I loved loved loved this !! The Shoe Space in Brooklyn is a place passionate about everything to do about shoes ! The design, the fit, the use, the feel , the practicality, the whimsical about shoes. I signed up for only the first day of a 5 day intensive class. I learned about measuring the foot, about shoe lasts and how to create a pattern to make a shoe. I was so energized by Keiko.


Attended: Shoemaking #002: Pattern Making

My only negative comment is that for a "beginner" the class was big in size for the amount of information we received in a 3 hour period.

Janine D.

Attended: Leather Bag Making

Great class! Elizabeth is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend the course.

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