Brooklyn Shoe Space

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
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Brooklyn Shoe Space's mission is to offer a fully equipped studio space for shoemakers, to be a reliable resource for shoe designers, to encourage creativity in our community through fun educational programming, and to make shoemaking accessible to a wider audience.  

Brooklyn Shoe Space provides a range of classes for students of all skill levels. At BKSS our mission is to encourage creativity and inspire the shoemaker in all of us by creating a collaborative and inspiring community.

Reviews of Brooklyn Shoe Space

(131 Reviews)

Luis P.

Attended: Leather Bag Making

Better than I expected! The instructors were so patient and I walked away with an amazing bag. A lot of people have been asking me about my bag.

Nicole B G.

Attended: Slides and Mule Making

Loved the class. Got a lot more than I expected. She even stayed a bit extra to help us out with small things like personalizing our shoe soles to have our initials on them. Super friendly. Really patient. Great space. Had everything we needed. Very fast pace. I have taken a few similar courses but have never gotten so much done in such little time. Love my shoes.


Attended: Leather Techniques

Overall, I enjoyed the class, but there were not enough supplies for everyone. It would have been so much better to have one set for each person so that we could try out the basic techniques as the teacher was demonstrating them. Instead, we had to just watch all of the demonstrations and then try to remember how to do everything on our own as we waited for the supplies to become available. This was also very inefficient timewise - The class could have definitely fit within the 3-hour timeframe, but wound up taking 4 hours instead (not ending until just after 10pm) due to waiting for patterns, mallets, etc. and needing further instruction because we hadn't mastered the techniques from the get-go. The leather we got to choose from was beautiful though and it was definitely a unique experience. Just a lot of kinks to work out.

Christopher B.

Attended: Wallet Making Workshop

Great Space and Great Instruction from Elisabeth. Clear instructions and detailed help made this class awesome.


Attended: Shoemaking #001: Introduction

Like the class and content! I do wish that the explanation was more forthcoming... I would have signed up for the whole day if I knew more about the intro topics

Lavera B.

Attended: Slides and Mule Making

I was so excited taking this class. I learned so much and I love my shoes. I would definitely recommend the class.

Laura R.

Attended: Leather Belt Making

The instructor, Emily, was beyond helpful and nice- she altered my version of the class so it was more suited to my skills and interests without any hesitation. The space was the first time I felt like I was in an environment with working artists (something I miss greatly from my college days- I went to Parsons.) I was really sad to leave at the end and am looking into getting a membership. Emily even gave advice of what materials to purchase for working at home (which I did right away.) Most definitely recommending this to my other art school friends. Maybe my favorite experience all year!

Jason P.

Attended: Leather Belt Making

Very nice intro to tooling leather. I plan to attend part 2.

Andrea T.

Attended: Leather Techniques 1

Amazing Class. The instructor, Emily, was so patient and knowledgeable. The class was small so we received a lot of 1-1 attention.

Vera K.

Attended: Leather Techniques 1

Amazing class! Elizabeth was very attentive and answered all the questions I had prepared for her :) group was small and we were able to finish everything! Will be back !

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