Esaie Couture Design School

Midwood, Brooklyn, New York
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Owners and founders Esaie and Wanda Bruno bring 30 years of combined experience in the design and marketing of clothing. Their fierce dedication to excellence guides their company as well as their New York sewing classes.

Wanda, a native of Philadelphia, came to New York with a dream to enter the fashion industry after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has since worked for many years on the design teams at Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Eileen Fisher, Betsey Johnson, House of Dereon, Saks 5th Avenue, Brooks Brothers and many other designer companies and high-end retailers. She has traveled across the world to personally oversee the development of many of these designer lines. 

Esaie, a native of Port-Au-Prince Haiti, has extensive experience in the sales and marketing of clothing lines. Being a stylish man in his own right, and with well-honed people skills and customer care, he is able to anticipate and immediately respond to his clients fashion wardrobe needs.

In addition, Esaie and Wanda are both trained image consultants retained by high profile politicians, celebrities, leaders in industry and athletes. They are a valuable resource, offering advice on color, silhouette, industry-appropriate style options and accessory choices. They are available as speakers and seminar presenters on these and other topics related to fashion, sewing, patterns and dressmaking.


What are some of your most popular classes that you offer on CourseHorse? 
The most popular classes are the 2-Hour Sew Simple, 3-Hour Learn to Sew in a Day, 6 Month Garment Construction, 6 Month Fashion Design.  

How long have you been in business? Can you share a bit more about your history?  
We've been officially in business for about 10 years this 2016. Fifteen years ago, Esaie and Wanda Bruno founded the Esaie Couture custom clothing line in New York City. As the years passed, the sense of style exhibited through Esaie Couture clothing sparked an ever growing inspiration and contagious longing to learn to sew among their clientele, a longing which led to the eventual birth of the Esaie Couture Design School, conceived with the primary purpose of empowering fashion enthusiasts with the knowledge and skill of fashion sewing and design.

What is your average class size? 
Our average class size is 6-7 students.  

What is your typical student like? What are their goals? 
Our students are typically between 25 and 55 years of age, many have some experience in the fashion industry who seeks to enhance their knowledge and skill in order to utilize them in their own entrepreneurial endeavors. And others take advantage of our open enrollment and philosophy "If you want to learn, we'll teach you", along with our personal attention and hands on approach, to further their academic careers.  

Can you recommend activities to do in the neighborhood before or after class? 
There are many attractions within walking distance of the school. Before or after class, a student could see a game at Madison Square Garden, go sight seeing at the Empire State Building, walk over to Times Square for dinner , a Broadway show or to just see the sights, or shop at many retailers in the area, including world famous Macy's Department Store.

Reviews of Esaie Couture Design School

(267 Reviews)

Nichole B.

Attended: Learn To Sew in a Day: Skirt (Manhattan)

This was a fun class and the instructor, Danny, was helpful and detailed in his explanations before-hand and also during the project. The project took about 2-2.5 hours as opposed to the 3 indicated...time moved pretty quickly unless you had a snafu or some technical difficulty. I have experience with sewing, but definitely picked up some jewels that I will take with me as I continue to sharpen my skills. Practice is key!


Attended: Beginner Dressmaking (Manhattan)

This was a six week Dressmaking Class. There were two very knowledgeable instructors, helpful, and pleasant, however one of them was extremely difficult to understand. Class 1 we introduced ourselves, the instructors introduced themselves and asked us (the students) what we wanted to get out of this class. My reply was that I have some sewing knowledge, but I have difficulty reading patterns, and that was why I was taking this class. These two Instructors were there for the first three classes; I did gain some new knowledge, however I still am not clear about actually reading the pattern, since they demonstrated the steps us as we went along but did not refer to the instructions that are included with the pattern. When the other students and I arrived for the fourth class, neither of these women were there; a young man was there instead. He was also personable, but he did not inform us that he was taking the class over until we asked if he was their replacement. The Director, Wanda also did not tell us that neither she or the other Instructor would be there for the last three classes. Daniel told us he would be there for the next three classes because Wanda was moving from Brooklyn to Long Island (there was no explanation for the other Instructor), and that his name is Daniel. Since Wanda was moving, I am sure this was something that was planned quite a while ago, and I think it would have been courteous for her to let us know that they would not be finishing the class. Daniel was personable, but he spent most of the evening looking at his phone. He did respond if we asked for his assistance; he too is knowledgeable, but he could have put the phone away and have been more attentive to his students. I did come home with a very nice dress, but I still am not sure I could construct this garment while trying to follow the pattern on my own. This was a rather expensive class, and although, as I mentioned, I did come away with some new knowledge, but I think the Director could have made more of an effort to meet the needs of her students, and not have scheduled this course in between her move.


Attended: Beginner Dressmaking (Manhattan)

The class is very informative and fun. The instructor Danny Mayorga is an absolute rock star. Overall a great way to start your Saturday mornings. Highly recommend.

Princess S.

Attended: Learn to Sew in a Day: Tote Bag (Manhattan)

I took Daniel's class this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed his teaching style. I liked that he kept us engaged and did the 'musical' chairs on different seats. His use of layman's terms made it so easy for me to remember the sewing basics. He gave practical information that we can use for life! - Princess

Valerie V.

Attended: Learn to Sew in a Day: Tote Bag (Manhattan)

Excellent, Daniel explains things very well and clearly, learned a whole bunch for a 3 hour class. Take care! Valerie

Ruben M.

Attended: Sewing Machine Basics & Operation (Brooklyn)

The instructor was very welcoming and made the class fun and informative. I definitely recommend this class.

Samantha F.

Attended: Learn To Sew in a Day: Skirt (Manhattan)

Perfect class for beginners. I had played around with a sewing machine a little bit prior to the class, but this really boosted my confidence (especially as far as setting up the machine, how it actually works, and how to avoid making the mistakes I kept making before). Super fun instructor too!

Elizabeth T.

Attended: Learn To Sew in a Day: Skirt (Manhattan)



Attended: Learn To Sew in a Day: Skirt (Manhattan)

Great class. I learned a lot and had fun!

Sofia M.

Attended: Sew Simple Beginner Sewing Workshop (Manhattan)

Amazing class, Wanda is a lovely teacher!!

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