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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
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Welcome to Painting Lounge! We are a BYOB Paint & Sip art studio in Midtown offering guided classes to people of all skill levels.

Painting Lounge classes are always in a relaxed, social setting. An experienced artist guides the class step-by-step through replicating each night's featured painting. The process is easy, fun and totally stress-free. All art supplies are included. Many attendees find our classes a therapeutic and convenient way to tap into their creative side.

Our classes are perfect for beginners, so grab your friends, co-workers, fly solo or plan a unique date night. We are happy to announce that we got a liquor license for our Midtown studio, so you can now BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer or Bottle of wine/champagne) to any class!

Painting Lounge, founded in Spring 2011, is an exciting and unique alternative to a typical night out with friends and coworkers. 

Our experienced instructors will guide you step-by-step to complete your next masterpiece. No previous drawing or painting experience required, and canvases usually come with pre-sketched images, allowing students to dive right into the activity. We make it easy, fun, and totally stress free. By the end of the night you will be amazed at the work of art you have created.


What are some of your most popular classes that you offer on CourseHorse? 
Our BYOB painting class is the most popular class.  

How long have you been in business? Can you share a bit more about your history? 
RISD Alum Kevin Tarasuk founded Painting Lounge in 2011 after years working in the art world. The goal of Painting Lounge is provide a pressure free, relaxed, social setting where students can be creative and unwind.

What is your average class size?  
Our average class size would be around 20 students. We currently have three studios with different max seating.

What is your typical student like? What are their goals? 
Our students are typically in their 20s and 30s who work jobs that don't give them a creative outlet. Their goal is to have a fun, social evening at a venue that isn't a bar. 

Can you recommend activities to do in the neighborhood before or after class? 
We have three different locations, all of which are in areas close to shopping and restaurants.

Reviews of Painting Lounge

(218 Reviews)


Attended: Paint and Sip Workshop: Chelsea (BYOB)

Chris was an amazing teacher, the perfect blend of laid back, be creative, Do-What-Moves-You with instructive, step-by-step, Here Is The Process. We came in with very different backgrounds in art and both had a blast! We loved that, even though the canvas itself started with a template, everyone's paintings ended up so different and unique. There is just enough room to be creative so that it doesn't feel like you're doing a paint-by-number but the structure is there so you're not having to wait to be struck by inspiration all on your own and fly blind with a paint set. No matter your skill level, we HIGHLY recommend this class if you're looking for something fun, different, and interesting - plus you get to keep the painting! Since we didn't need two of the same painting hung up at home, I decided to gift mine to a relative and the studio has frames right there for sale, and pretty dang cheap considering how much frames usually cost. We can't wait to find a new painting and come back. : )


Attended: Painting Workshop: Williamsburg

Great course! Very fun.

Matthan M.

Attended: Paint and Sip Workshop: Midtown (BYOB)

Laid back and enjoyable!


Attended: Paint and Sip Workshop: Midtown (BYOB)

It was good experience

Alan B.

Attended: Paint and Sip Workshop: Midtown (BYOB)

Fun class. Great instructor. Would highly recommend


Attended: Paint and Sip Workshop: Midtown (BYOB)

The rowdy drunks were a bit of a distraction. The instructor was awesome.


Attended: Paint and Sip Workshop: Midtown (BYOB)

I thoroughly enjoyed this painting class and it fully met my expectations. The instructor was very fun and engaging as he walked us through each step of the painting. I can't wait to do this again!

Dominique F.

Attended: Painting Workshop: Williamsburg

I had a great time here. I was surrounded by wonderful people. The instructor was awesome. Everything was pretty hands on. And at the end of the course I came out with a beautiful piece of art work. Thank you.

Betty B.

Attended: Paint and Sip Workshop: Chelsea (BYOB)

I really enjoyed the class and really didn't believe I would be painting before I started since this was my first class. The instructor was excellent. The only downer was a group of people that were for me very disruptive in the class other than that I would love to the class again.


Attended: Paint and Sip Workshop: Midtown (BYOB)

Fun experience great stress buster ! :)

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Painting Lounge
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