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iDance Studio

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Brighton Heights, Brooklyn, New York
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iDance Studio was founded by LaUra, who is one of today’s most enchanting dance performers. An accomplished artist, she entices audiences into the magical world of middle-eastern music and dance.Born in Uzbekistan into an artistic family of dancers and poets, LaUra studied classical ballet, as well as various Russian and Uzbek folk dance forms. Since the age of 15 she has been devoted to the art of Middle-Eastern dance. This amazing artist began her professional career in Lebanon, later touring in the UAE, Yemen, Switzerland and India. Today her remarkable talent shines brightly in the creative epicenter of the world – New York City.

LaUra’s masterful artistry has developed over many years of study with prominent dancers such as CreISamara of Lebanon, Yousri Sharif, Delilah, Laurel Victoria Gray, Raqia Hassan, Aida Nour, Tito, Kodr Muminov, Hassan Afifi and Margo Kalfayan. She has performed extensively in the US. Among the celebrities she has danced for are Enrique Iglesias, Milla Jovovich, Cameron Diaz, Mary J Blige, Beyoncé. She has shared the stage with the Arabic stars Nawal El-Zoghbi and Fadel Chaker.LaUra is featured in numerous videos including Suzy Evans’ IAMED video Belly Dance-o-Rama-2 and Ana Berna’s Belly Dance TV: Volume 3.

LaUra is the founder, director, and choreographer of BellyTrance — a New York City based troupe, which brings to life LaUra’s dazzling vision of dance in stunning Las Vegas style performances.LaUra is an artistic director of the yearly theatrical showcase and celebration of the world dance styles “Tales of The Orient” that happens every year in December at “Master Theater”.

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1029 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11235
iDance Studio
Brighton Heights, Staten Island
1029 Brighton Beach Ave
At Brighton 11th St
Brooklyn, New York 11235

Located Backstage of Master Theater. If you cannot find the Studio please call and someone will come out to direct you. Trains: B Train-Brighton Beach (express and ONLY on WEEKDAYS) and Q Train-Brighton Beach (Local Train-Weekdays and Weekends)

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Mio Aisha Amara Anastasia Daria Elena Enshara Ilana K Irina Laura Lena Lizza H Natallia Natalya Rano Roman Sogdiana Yulia Yuliya Zobeida Zurab
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