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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
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Spectrum—#1 on CourseHorse Tech/Design!—Web Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animation, Creative Coding and 3D Modeling. We provide Workshops & Private Training in our Brooklyn Studio and Online Training through live interactive web conferencing. Workshop students work on their own laptops with software loaded prior to class. Small class sizes ensure that each student receives ample individual attention throughout the day. The instructor uses a Mac but gives instruction to accommodate both PC and Mac users. Be sure to check out our 100+ 5 Star Coursehorse student reviews! (www.SpectrumCreativeConsulting.com)

Reviews of Spectrum Creative Consulting

(188 Reviews)

Michael U.

Attended: HTML/CSS Web Design Tutorial—Private Training

It's great. I would definitely go back.

Laura G.

Attended: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Great teacher! Slowly and clearly explained.


Attended: Introduction to Adobe After Effects

Learned so much!!!! I'm now not totally lost in After Effects :) Well worth it.

Carl C.

Attended: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Fantastic in-person teacher. Great ability to read the classes pace and cruise there. I learned everything I desired.

Carina W.

Attended: Introduction to Adobe After Effects

The class was perfect as it was very small and had a great pace! It refreshed my knowledge, filled in gaps and extended my know-how with handy tips and tricks. Would recommend for any beginner.


Attended: Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp

Laura was clear and patient with her instructions. Very informative class.

Chelsea Donahue

Attended: Introduction to Adobe InDesign

Great course, very straightforward and clear instruction at a good pace. I've never used InDesign or other Adobe products before, but I felt very comfortable in the class. Thanks!


Attended: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Laura was very clear as an instructor and went at a great pace! I felt like I came out of the course with a good understanding of all basic functions within photoshop.


Attended: Introduction to Adobe After Effects

This was a very comprehensive class, it could have gone slightly faster but otherwise great


Attended: Introduction to Web Design with HTML and CSS

The class was very informative and helpful. The instructor may the most of the time, and very pleasant.

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