Technical Institute of America

Hell's Kitchen, New York, New York
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The Technical Institute of America is a technology training company. Our passion for helping individuals and businesses learn technology has made us the number one technology company in New York City. Every year we train thousands in a variety of Microsoft®, Adobe®, Cisco®, CompTIA®, and PMI® courses. As an instructor founded company, we are focused and committed in providing the best learning experience with affordable prices.

Our optimized business processes have allowed us to offer excellent courses at the lowest prices in the city. We strive to provide an enriched learning environment. The major benefits to enrolling in our courses:

  • Licensed by the New York State Education Department. Always check to ensure you attend a license school.
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
  • We are one of a very few schools that has been accredited by the better business bureau
  • We train thousands of students every year with an average score of 8.7 out of 9 for our classroom quality and instructor evaluations.
  • Hands on training. All of our courses are taught on computers and completely instructor led Instructors have an average of ten years teaching experience with real world experience in their respective specialties.
  • Microsoft authorized courseware and Microsoft certified trainers.
  • PMI® registered education provider for authorized PMP® courses.
  • CompTIA® authorized courses with CompTIA® certified technical trainers.
  • Free retake for all courses offered.
  • Knowledgeable educational consultants concerned with your educational needs
  • State of the Art technology including large screen projectors and ample desk space.
  • Ergonomic chairs to provide maximum comfort to our students.
  • Extensive clientele, including fortune 500 companies.

Reviews of Technical Institute of America

(352 Reviews)


Attended: Microsoft Excel Essentials

Very old PC computers, many of which were unusable/wouldn't turn on. The first half of the class was incredibly slow and covered rudimentary material (due to wide age range and large discrepancy in technical aptitude). The instructor rushed through the second half of the class, covering the more advanced material and cut the class short as we were released an hour earlier than scheduled. We did cover valuable material but the poor quality of the lab's equipment and the instructor's inability to pace the class appropriately was disappointing. Not sure if I will return to TIA again.

Melanie W.

Attended: AutoCAD Level 3

This is a very good class. The teacher is knowledgeable and you cover a lot of material.

Michele B.

Attended: Microsoft Excel Essentials

The teacher was late (train issues) which I find unprofessional and there were times when he would just stop speaking in the middle of a lesson because he was texting on his phone. The facility itself is not very nice. The walls are bare, the carpet is dingy. Sure there are working computers, but after taking classes at General Assembly, I would like a nicer work space. The content of the course was well laid out and well explained. As a basic/intermediate class, I expected various skill levels in the class. I did not, however, expect for there to be a student that had NO excel experience. Didn’t even know that excel uses functions and couldn’t remember lessons and tips from one worksheet to the next. This student spent the entire day complaining that the instructor was going too fast and honestly, if he went any slower, we’d be moving backward. I wish there were a basic/intermediate class for people who use Excel at work, but never had formal training, so the class could move faster and maybe fit more in. Getting a certificate at the end is a nice touch, though.


Attended: Bookkeeping Basics

the teacher didn't show up the first day


Attended: QuickBooks Basic

More time is needed to learn the basics of any course, I am too slow to keep up. In my opinion, 10-15 hours rather than 7-8 would offer a slower learner like me more cushion, break up the course in two portion. and charge more money/ 150 for 12 hours? 6 hours each class?

Joel P.

Attended: AutoCAD Level 1

Excellent course!!!

Shulem G.

Attended: AutoCAD Level 1

Phil is an excellent teacher and really knows how to explain this class even to someone who hasn't touched it ever before


Attended: AutoCAD Level 1

The professor is wonderful and really knows what he is doing with AutoCAD. I had to miss several classes due to work, but I learned a lot from the sessions I attended. I didn't give it 5 stars because the level of the class is very divided which forces it to go very slowly. There is not much he can do to speed this up, but I felt that most classes could be cut in half time wise if there weren't so many people asking him to repeat himself or come over and help them.

lori T.

Attended: Microsoft Excel Essentials

Great course and great instructor. I highly recommend the class- I felt like I learned an incredible amount in 7 hours

Charles B.

Attended: CompTIA Network+ Certification

Great class, great instructor. The class is geared at helping you pass the N+ exam but overall very good networking knowledge to have.

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