Technical Institute of America

Hell's Kitchen, New York, New York
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The Technical Institute of America is a technology training company. Our passion for helping individuals and businesses learn technology has made us the number one technology company in New York City. Every year we train thousands in a variety of Microsoft®, Adobe®, Cisco®, CompTIA®, and PMI® courses. As an instructor founded company, we are focused and committed in providing the best learning experience with affordable prices.

Our optimized business processes have allowed us to offer excellent courses at the lowest prices in the city. We strive to provide an enriched learning environment. The major benefits to enrolling in our courses:

  • Licensed by the New York State Education Department. Always check to ensure you attend a license school.
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
  • We are one of a very few schools that has been accredited by the better business bureau
  • We train thousands of students every year with an average score of 8.7 out of 9 for our classroom quality and instructor evaluations.
  • Hands on training. All of our courses are taught on computers and completely instructor led Instructors have an average of ten years teaching experience with real world experience in their respective specialties.
  • Microsoft authorized courseware and Microsoft certified trainers.
  • PMI® registered education provider for authorized PMP® courses.
  • CompTIA® authorized courses with CompTIA® certified technical trainers.
  • Free retake for all courses offered.
  • Knowledgeable educational consultants concerned with your educational needs
  • State of the Art technology including large screen projectors and ample desk space.
  • Ergonomic chairs to provide maximum comfort to our students.
  • Extensive clientele, including fortune 500 companies.

Reviews of Technical Institute of America

(385 Reviews)

guillermo r.

Attended: CCNA/CCENT Test Prep

Since the day I started my CCNA Class I Did not have too much knowledge in this area. When I come up to learn in this class my knowledge increase and my understanding as well. Best Class to take if you are seeking to improve in CCNA materials.


Attended: Microsoft Excel Essentials

Took this class last Saturday with Vincent. Excellent teaching skills and easy to follow along. I feel much more comfortable using excel now. Signing up was quick and easy, as it always is on here and showed up around 9:30 for a 10AM class. The receptionist was very nice and helped everyone. The classrooms are setup ok, the computer seems to be new with excel 2016 and no problems throughout the class. We learned about formatting, formulas and charts. I have been trying to teach myself excel for over 5 years, but learned more today than in that 5 years and that includes watching tons of youtube videos. The course content is good and it flows nicely. I had no problem keeping up with the teacher, but some students did. He would help them and get back to class. He even stayed back to help me individually on a problem, that I have been having at work. He solved it for me in under a minute, while I have been trying for months. WOW this is great. This course is well worth the money for time you will save trying to learn excel yourself.

Mina H.

Attended: QuickBooks Basic

After learning the basics of Quickbooks, now I know what it's like for me to start a self-employment or even create my own business. I also learned how to pay the bills as well as relying much on the budget I currently have. Great class.

Rick R.

Attended: Microsoft Excel Essentials

Excellent class. The class was small, maybe 8 people. The instructor was very knowledgeable and keep the class interesting. I have used excel a few times but find it hard to learn by watching videos online and decided to take a class and learn from the bottom up. This class was priced well and the location in midtown was easy to reach. The front desk staff was very help and pleasant. The class started on time at around 10 and was done by 5:30. We started out learning a few basic excel commands and tools. Then we moved in to a few complex formulas and charts. Our instructor was very nice and help everyone that needed some individual attention. I really enjoy learning about the pivot tables and charts. This will make my job so much easier. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a great excel class.


Attended: AutoCAD Level 1

Joe was great at giving a broad overview of AutoCAD and then walking us through the details that would help us navigate the program efficiently. Would definitely take a class with him again.


Attended: Microsoft Excel Essentials

Teacher showed up a half hour late. The schools equipemt is pretty terrible and the program crashed for everyone several times throughout the lesson.

shulem g.

Attended: Microsoft Excel Expert (Level 3)

I really enjoyed it and Vincent the instructor was actually very informative and knowledgeable about the various topics that the class covered and even gave some extra tips which weren’t included


Attended: QuickBooks Basic

Very informative Quick Books class.


Attended: QuickBooks Basic

There is a LOT to learn in the Basic Class. When he is teaching, you are learning. But, if you can listen and write at the same time, that's best, because he goes fast.

Patricia L.

Attended: QuickBooks Basic

Very good pace for the class. Mr. Andrews was very patient and kept everyone in the class involved. Ive already signed up for the advanced class

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