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Playcrafting NYC

Midtown, New York, New York
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Playcrafting empowers the game development community through education, networking and collaboration. We offer workshops, classes and events for game developers and those aspiring to make games in topics including game design, programming, art, business and more.

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(68 Reviews)
Unity Basics: From Nothing to Flappy Bird in 2 Hours

Michelle P.

Attended: Unity Basics: From Nothing to Flappy Bird in 2 Hours

This is a fast-paced course that gives the learner a glimpse into what Unity is capable of. It was a real eye-opener that encouraged me to learn more on my own. The instructor was knowledgeable and able to answer questions on the fly. I’m giving the class four stars rather than five because students need to be warned that the class is best viewed with a dual monitor setup. Don’t try this on a 12” ultra book. A single monitor setup will hamper your ability to view the class and work in Unity at the same time.

Breaking into Game Design with Unity


Attended: Breaking into Game Design with Unity

I couldn't find the class, the location was very vague in the description. No one answered when I tried to contact them to find out where it was. Total waste of time.

Breaking into Game Design with Unity


Attended: Breaking into Game Design with Unity

The instructor was great and I was able to learn a lot. Unfortunately, in the class description there was no mention to bring your laptop which made it difficult to follow.

Designing Games for Impact


Attended: Designing Games for Impact

Waste of time and money. The teacher was completely unprepared. The class barely even touched on the supposed theme of "learning to design socially meaningful and artistic games" - the teacher instead wasted the first half hour on explaining extremely basic visual concepts like how curvy lines versus straight lines might make you feel... how circles are the opposite of triangles, etc., using a basic PowerPoint presentation she said she found somewhere online, and then showing us a couple of clips on YouTube that vaguely demonstrated some of these principles. Why? I've no idea. She did eventually begin to show us two examples of "serious games," but had to cut both demos short because her iPad was running low on battery. She did not provide meaningful commentary on either game, or mention what lessons might be learned.

Writing Immersive Game Worlds

Ebony H.

Attended: Writing Immersive Game Worlds

The instructor was great! I enjoyed the exercises and the examples given. I left the class feeling very confident in knowing how to apply these tips and methods in my own writing projects.

Writing for Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Game Worlds

dio C.

Attended: Writing for Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Game Worlds

Thank you for the insightful class and fun practices. Dio

Role-Playing Game Design

Jack G.

Attended: Role-Playing Game Design

Our instructor was great! Very knowledgeable and good at explaining all the concepts he covered. This was also a good interactive course (not a lecture) with plenty of activities and chances to discuss. I'd definitely take another course from this teacher again.

Educational Video Game Design: Best Practices

Mariya M.

Attended: Educational Video Game Design: Best Practices

The best class at PC so far

Unity Shaders 101


Attended: Unity Shaders 101

Great info, with a lot of heavy material packed into a short time. I think this was the teacher's first time teaching and he was not as prepared as he could have been, but we all start somewhere. Overall I was happy with what we learned.

An Intro to Drawing Pixel Art

Ebby L.

Attended: An Intro to Drawing Pixel Art

It was okay. The instructor was obviously very passionate about Pixel art. The class was basically him giving a presentation. It was a little boring but very informative.

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