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N.Y. Cake & Baking Distributor first opened its doors known as the Chocolate Gallery more than 25 years ago. It was founded by Joan Mansour renowned cake decorator and gold medal award winner by the Societe Culinaire Philantropique. She not only was awarded National teacher of the year, regional teacher of the year and award for most students taught. She was also inducted into the Wilton Hall of Fame. 

Since, customers asked repeatedly for a shop to purchase supplies to bake and decorate their cakes, she decided to emphasize more on baking products and we thereby became known as New York Cake and Baking Distributor. We have a 5,000 square foot store carrying everything you need. We became known as the “one stop shop” for all your baking needs as well as a baker’s paradise. 

Joan opened up a school of cake decorating where she taught some of the most renowned cake decorators today in Manhattan. We were published in numerous magazines including Family Circle, Womens Day, and Martha Stewart Living as a source for purchasing cookie cutters, cake pans, gum paste cutters and tools, sanding colored sugars, silver and gold dragees, Petal dusts, Silver and gold powder, chocolate molds as well as many other hard to find items.

We are a wholesaler as well as retailer to all those who are interested in baking & decorating. Our flagship store is located in the Chelsea Area of Manhattan. We carry the full line of tools from the most basic to the hardest to find items. We enjoy serving the occasional baker to the most professional.

We have been rated in ZAGAT where it honors the businesses featured in America’s most prestigious Dining & Shopping Guide of 2009/10. New York Cake & Baking Distributor was quoted as “This flatiron shop stocks “everything for the sweet kitchen” from cake decorating supplies like food coloring, gum paste and sprinkles to cookie cutters, pans “ in any shape”, doilies and “ beautiful dragees” and decorations that “ pique the imagination” of “amateurs” and “professionals “ alike.

The New York Press has awarded New York Cake & Baking Distributors as the “Best place to get huge blocks of Bittersweet Valhrona Chocolate” in its Best of Manhattan 2009. Joan's two daughters, Lisa Mansour and Jenny Kash, have taken managerial control over Nycake with much continued success. Lisa is also lead instructor for Nycake Academy and Jenny has extended NYCAKE to the internet with online and wholesale services.

Accessibility: This school is not wheelchair accessible.

Reviews of NY Cake Academy

(40 Reviews)

Stacy K.

Attended: Wilton Course 1- All-Day Intensive

This class was awesome! I highly recommend it!

Lisana B.

Attended: Wilton Course 2- All-Day Intensive

This class was definitely more challenging than Course 1. Dani was a great instructor and very encouraging.

Francesca I.

Attended: Wilton Course 1- All-Day Intensive

Chef Daniella is so professional and kind and ready to answer any questions. I really like the class and I had fun (and learned something aswell


Attended: Wilton Course 1- All-Day Intensive

Great class, really liked the instructor. Wish they had a stricter policy for late comers, some people showed up over 20 min late and we then had to stop every time.

Lisana B.

Attended: Wilton Course 1- All-Day Intensive

It was a really good class. I enjoyed the fact that Chef Greeley spent individual time with each of us in a class. Looking forward to the next class.

Cheryl W.

Attended: Wilton Course 1- All-Day Intensive

Our instructor was lovely and knowledgable, though it seemed like she was thrown into the course and was a bit discombobulated because of it--we actually ran over in time and I had to leave before being able to finish decorating my cake. The Wilton frosting provided is loaded with awful ingredients (Vegetable shortening, HFCs, Propylene Glycol, etc) and tastes as such. We were only given one canister of frosting per person to practice with (divided into 2 colors), and then were expected to decorate our cakes with that same frosting we'd been piping and scraping off the practice sheets. I shudder to think of anyone attempting to eat any of it. All in all was a waste of money--I could have watched tutorials online and used quality ingredients. Sad, was really looking forward to this.

Masonya L.

Attended: Wilton Course 1- All-Day Intensive

Such an amazing class! I brought my daughter and we truly had a blast. We learned so many techniques that is helping our bakery business thrive. Danielle was a great and patient teacher

Blerina G.

Attended: Wilton Course 1- All-Day Intensive

This course was amazing. I attended with my sister and we had a lot of fun. Course II was even more interesting. You get a box full of tools, instructions, book, and other materials - totally worth the price. They also provide a certificate at the end. The couse Chef, Daniella was fantastic. Would highly recomend both couses.


Attended: Wilton Course 1- All-Day Intensive

The class started out fun, but then realized that there were some serious organization issues. First, not enough turntables for all students, a lot of waiting around for some of us to decorate our cakes. Second, they ran out of icing about 45 minutes before class ended. It took a while to get more made. At that point, only 10 minutes left. Third, no rags to wipe down the tables. They had us bring paper towels, but no cleaning supplies, otherwise. Kind of icky in my opinion. Also, since this took place in a baking supply store, i thought it was weird that they couldn't supply more turntables, especially if they were only $20 or so. Or at least say to bring one for use in class. I happen to have 2 that I could have easily brought in.


Attended: Wilton Course 1- All-Day Intensive

Was unable to attend, unfortunately. Looks interesting.

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56 W 22nd Street, New York, New York 10010
NY Cake Academy
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56 W 22nd Street
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