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Natural Medicine Classes Coming up in New York

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Self Care for Women

at Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights 190 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238

Full Course Title: Self Care for Women: Mindful Cycles, Healthy Bodies, Clean Beauty In this comprehensive class, herbalist, food entrepreneur, birth and postpartum doula and mom Laena McCarthy, will discuss healing traditions and practices to boost the female body's natural resilience while protecting from stress and damage, from the inside...

Monday Nov 19th, 8:15pm - 10pm

Healing Spirits: The Botany of Aperitifs and Digestifs

at New York Botanical Garden - NYBG Bronx 2950 Southern Blvd, Bronx, New York 10458

The centuries-old botanical history of aperitifs and digestifs, from Chartreuse to Fernet Branca, stems in part from a monastic quest to divine an "elixir of long life." Many cultures still commonly consume these herbal drinks, made of complex mixtures of plant material, for their unique flavor profiles and for their medicinal properties. As you taste...

Sunday Dec 2nd, 2pm - 4pm

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Ancestral Cacao Medicine: Delve Into the Dance & Sound

at Shamanic Fire Reiki - Midtown 56 West 45th St Ste 1703, New York, New York 10036

Full Course Name: "Ancestral Cacao Medicine: Delve Into the Dance & Sound of the Fifth Elements" For the Maya, among many indigenous civilizations, sacred cacao allows an open communication from the soul. Called Theobroma-- Food from the Gods, many indigenous cultures use cacao medicine as a facilitator and partner to amplify the connection with...

Saturday Dec 1st, 6:30pm - 9pm

Herbalism: Beyond the Basics

at New York Botanical Garden - NYBG Bronx 2950 Southern Blvd, Bronx, New York 10458

Take a deep dive into a hands-on approach to herbal medicine. We'll cover the medicinal properties and uses of close to 100 local or easy-to-source healing plants, from nervines that calm to cardiotonics that stimulate circulation.  Herbalist Karine Gordineer will show you how to properly infuse, blend, and decoct as you create your own herbal...

Saturday Jan 12th, 11am - 4:30pm

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

Detox to Heal Your Skin From Eczema to Beautiful Skin

at New York Open Center - Flatiron 22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

Dr. Selassie suffered from eczema since birth and found a cure in naturopathic medical school. Skin reveals the health of the entire body and needs to be healed from the inside out, starting with detoxification. Whether you have eczema, acne, eye bags, rosacea, psoriasis, blotchy skin, wrinkles, or ash, this program can greatly enhance the health and...

Tuesday Jan 15th, 5:45pm - 7:45pm

  (5 sessions)

5 sessions

Vision Board

at TW Painting with Friends - Gravesend 41 Ave South, Brooklyn, New York 11223

Vision Board - A Powerful Tool To Manifest Your Life Desires. In this workshop, you'll learn the science of visualization and best practices when creating a vision board. Then, let the crafting fun begin. The tool helps you invest the time and energy to visualize your future ( and consistently reminds...

Friday Nov 23rd, 7:30pm - 9pm

Food as Medicine

at New York Open Center - Flatiron 22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

Food as Medicine: Healing with Whole Foods, Herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms Regenerate your internal organs and strengthen your immune system with powerful, natural medicines derived from herbs, whole foods, and medicinal mushrooms.  Topics covered in this course include food cures for common ailments such as digestive and immune disorders, respiratory...

Wednesday Nov 28th, 8pm - 10pm

  (3 sessions)

3 sessions

Awaken the Indigenous Medicine Guardian

at Shamanic Fire Reiki - Midtown 56 West 45th St Ste 1703, New York, New York 10036

Take the leap and join to awaken your Indigenous Medicine Guardian Totem and Nature Spirits to be able to welcome into our life. We also will have the opportunity to attune a crystal with one or more of the allies discovered throughout the day to help you stand strong energetically with the Earth’s and all our relations within the planet. As we work...

Sunday Dec 2nd, 2pm - 5:30pm

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The Art of Herbal Medicine Making

at New York Open Center - Flatiron 22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

There is nothing as empowering as making your own medicines. Crafting your own herbal preparations will save you lots of money, and you will feel healthier and happier than ever before. In this class we will work with fresh (and some dried) herbs, making several types of tinctures (with and without alcohol), liniments, oils, infusions, vinegars, syrups,...

No Upcoming Schedules

5 sessions

Cannabis Therapeutics and Medicine Making

at New York Open Center - Flatiron 22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

In this workshop you will learn about the therapeutic use of cannabis sativa and be empowered to make your own potent and delicious herbal preparations. You will also come to understand how this plant can encourage healing for you, your loved ones, or your clients. We will explore: The difference between hemp and marijuana, CBD and THC, (hint: they’re...

No Upcoming Schedules

Herbal Medicine Making

at Remedies Herb Shop - Carroll Gardens 453 Court St, Brooklyn, New York 11231

We are so pleased to announce that once again, we will be offering Herbal Medicine Making Thursdays to coincide with the Sawmill Farms CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pick-up dates! And don't worry if you don't participate in the CSA, you can still join us as we'll have plenty of herbs to share.  This year, Medicine Making will be structured...

No Upcoming Schedules

Exploring: The Resins, Beyond Frankincense and Myrrh

at New York Institute of Aromatic Studies - East Village 530 E 13th St, New York, New York 10009

Frankincense and myrrh, part of the Burseraceae family, produce healing resins that have been used around the world for centuries. This plant family includes other therapeutic, but lesser known plants that are worthy of exploration. Join us to explore the “torchwood” family: you will experience and learn about different the Frankincense species,...

No Upcoming Schedules

Herbal Medicine Making 101

at Antidote Apothecary + Tea Bar - Greenpoint 200 Franklin St, Brooklyn, New York 11222

Learn the basics of how herbs can support your health and well being, in both food and medicinal forms. We'll discuss everything from teas and tinctures to topical treatments including balms and poultices. Herbalism is the oldest form of medicine and every culture has its version, join us to see how you can incorporate botanical remedies...

No Upcoming Schedules

Essential Oils and Skin Care

at New York Institute of Aromatic Studies - East Village 530 E 13th St, New York, New York 10009

Essential Oils and Skin Care: A three-part series Are you looking for a natural skincare alternative?  Are you concerned about harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors in industrial cosmetics?  Are you looking for a holistic approach to addressing skin issues, and worrying about how to properly use essential oils on your skin?  Yes?...

No Upcoming Schedules

3 sessions

Elemental Herbalism

at Sacred Arts Research Foundation - Greenpoint 107 Green St, Brooklyn, New York 11222

A 5 week course combining the wisdom of the five elements - earth, water, fire, air, and ether - with intuitive practices of herbalism. In this course, we will explore the five elements through direct experience with plants. Working with the elements— earth, water, fire, air and ether--helps connect your body with the body of the Earth, and deepens...

No Upcoming Schedules

5 sessions

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