Metal Shop Fantasy Camp

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
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Total Metal Resource, Inc. has made some of the hottest custom metal work in New York City and the owner is excited to pass on the knowledge he has gained through 20 years of working with metal. Introduced classes that are designed to fulfill the innate desire to make things by hand, from scratch. Exploring the fun of working with new tools, and to experience the unique satisfaction that has been enjoyed over the years fabricating metal into astounding works of art.

Reviews of Metal Shop Fantasy Camp

(125 Reviews)

Kate H.

Attended: Introduction to Welding

Michelle is great!

Leo W.

Attended: Introduction to Metalworking: MIG Welding

Fun and very hands-on class that does a great job of teaching you metalworking and MIG welding basics without spending too much time on theory. That being said, the instructors are more than happy to answer metalworking-related questions. If you're someone (like me) who doesn't just want to learn how to do something, but also wants to understand the underlying processes, I recommend watching some YouTube videos and reading though some How-To's before or after the course. All in all highly recommended!

Ronald G.

Attended: Intro to Blacksmithing - Forge Your Own Bottle Opener

Had a great time. I signed up for the next class. Knife making. Two 4 hour class.

George H.

Attended: Introduction to Metalworking: MIG Welding

Great class. Michelle's was a great instructor. Real fun and learned the basics, got what I wanted. I'll be going back for TIG class.

Andrea D.

Attended: Introduction to Metalworking: MIG Welding

The teachers for this class were knowledgable and good. My qualms were: For a four hour class on welding <1 hour was spent welding or speaking of welding techniques (and quite a high price for only one hour of actual welding instruction). Since the class only has three welders the class was split and only 2 people of the 5 were able to complete the project. At the end of the class the owner came over to the students and said, "sign up for the next class because I need more money for hookers & blow".


Attended: Introduction to Metalworking: MIG Welding

That as been à great great class. It was so cool !!! Thanks again

Benjamin L.

Attended: Introduction to Metalworking: MIG Welding

I loved this class. I took the 2 day cube welding and finishing. The instructors were great and very friendly. As an artist I am always interested in process and technique. So to be able to build something from start to finish was great. A cube is perfect because it's really sculptural and even with imperfections it looks cool.


Attended: Introduction to TIG and Fine Finishing

Great follow up to intro class. Great and fun teacher. Wish things were a bit more ready and organized for the class. Now have an awesome cube at work.

Paul M.

Attended: Introduction to TIG and Fine Finishing

Great course, very informative and fun


Attended: Introduction to Metalworking: MIG Welding

Great class and I learned a lot and was able to make the cube (though it came out more on the abstract side). I accomplished this even though I essentially never even picked up a power tool before. The place was also sensible and accommodating. The original class was smartly cancelled due to the heat dome, and they were able to accomodate my request to be put into the next weekend's class. I've already signed up for the second class to take my cube to the next level.

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