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Nancye spent her childhood roaming the forests and beaches of beautiful Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest. Raising two children in New York City, Nancye realized how difficult is is for city kids to have that nature immersion experience she enjoyed as a child. In 2008 Nancye attended Coyote Tracks summer camp with her family. The wilderness living skills taught there helped her feel deeply re-connected and re-awakened to nature. Since then she has taken many other wilderness skills programs (including at Tracker School and Art of Mentoring) and has redirected her life towards sharing the ancestral wilderness living skills, especially with kids in New York City. 

Previously, Nancye worked for Japanese television for many years and appreciates how that work experience has come in handy when organizing Earth Living Skills program logistics and communicating with people. Nancye greatly appreciates the enthusiasm and passion of all of the children and families she has shared the skills with, and treasures what she has learned from them.  Nancye is a certified Wilderness First Responder.   Nancye is also Niaszii Healer which gives her tools to listen with her heart and try to resolve disputes on the external and internal landscapes that may come up. 

Nancye co-founded Earth Living Skills, which is a collective of instructors who share passion for the ancestral skills and share them with interested groups in their regions and come together to run larger programs. 

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