Harmony Williams

Teaches at Classeteria

​With almost a decade and a half of combined experience as a babysitter, professional nanny, newborn care specialist, preschool teacher, assistant director, family day care director, parent educator, community doula, natural childbirth advocate, and most importantly, a parent herself, Harmony’s approach to parenting is remarkably different than anyone you have ever met. Harmony admires, and joins her clients in their day-to-day tasks of caring for their children and managing their households. She recognizes that for her, parenting is a common human experience that provides a unique opportunity for parents to invite and employ the most qualified, passionate members of their families and communities to assist them in caring for and raising their children.

​Harmony advocates that parents need someone they can trust, who will care for, engage with and cater to their children. Choosing the right help for your family is one of the single most important decisions of every parent’s life and Harmony is committed to helping as many children and families as she can.

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