Pia-Kelsey O'Neill & Jozsef Meszaros

Teaches at Genspace NYC

Pia-Kelsey O'Neill received a PhD in Neuroscience from Columbia University where she measured electrical activity in brain regions important for memory and described how this activity is altered in mouse models of schizophrenia. In addition to teaching at Genspace, she has taught a combination of biology, physics, and earth sciences to Columbia University undergraduate students. Pia-Kelsey currently works as a postdoctoral scientist investigating the neural mechanisms of olfactory learning.

Jozsef Meszaros has a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a PhD in Neuroscience from Columbia University. As a law student, Jozsef published independent research in which he explored how neurobiological evidence of physical and psychological abuse could be used to diminish the culpability of some criminal defendants. His PhD thesis focused on measuring dopamine release into the external globus pallidus an area of the brain that is important for refining motor movements. Jozsef currently teaches Citizen Science at Bard College and enjoys developing interactive science curricula for students.

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