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Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York
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Brooklyn Brainery is accessible, community-driven, crowdsourced education.

We host casual classes for curious adults about all sorts of things: from physics to Australian desserts, from HTML to shorthand and just about every nook and cranny in between. 

All of our course topics are dreamed up and suggested by you, and our teachers are a group of awesome people from around Brooklyn and the whole city. Anyone can teach--you just need a passion for the topic and a desire to share it with others. We do all the planning, taking care of sign ups, marketing, and materials, so you can focus on the important stuff (teaching, duh).

Classes are generally one or two weeks long, and we keep them as inexpensive as possible while still covering the overhead that comes with having a physical space. 

What we teach?
If you can make it, read it or think it, we're probably open to it. It can be crafty, foody, academic-y, whatever you'd like. And though we think kids are cool, all our classes are aimed at adults.

What are classes like?
The easy answer is that every class is totally different (it's also true)!  Some of our teachers are pros at what they do, some are hobbyists, and some are curious people like yourselves who teach in order to explore a topic further in depth.

No matter what the class and who is teaching, our classes are laid back, fun, and participatory. No one will ever scowl at you for showing up late, and your involvement in class--whether through discussion or something hands on--is what makes them all the more awesome.

Reviews of Brooklyn Brainery

(705 Reviews)


Attended: Macrame for Beginners

Great introduction to macrame. Teacher very patient and kind.

Kate S.

Attended: Tree Identification for Beginners

It was so informative, fun and funny! I'm really looking forward to coming back again and learning more!


Attended: How to Write a Cookbook Proposal

Instructor shared a lot of useful information in a short amount of time. Very comprehensive and helpful.

Carlenia E.

Attended: The Psychology of Relationships

The class was interesting, what stould out for me was first date excitement vs a relaxing one.


Attended: Resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth

Very interesting class and well presented. The lecturer gave great background and covered a number of related topics. She was very well-prepared.

Mary S.

Attended: Introduction to Embroidery: Making a Sampler

This class was a great intro to embroidery! It was super chill with not too many people. They broke down each type of stitch and gave a lot of individualized instruction to those of us who needed it, which I really appreciated.


Attended: Watercolor Exploration with Floral Inspiration

This was a very nice Intro to Watercolor class. Unfortunately, I was under the impression that we would learn specific techniques for painting different types of flowers. I also never got confirmation that all materials were provided. All in all, it was a nice class of exploration for those interested in trying watercolorfor the first time.


Attended: Women Artists You Should Know in Art History

Well thought-out and presented. Looking forward to other presentations by speaker.

Gerard L.

Attended: Introduction to Watercolor Painting

Instructors were friendly and supportive.


Attended: The History of World War II in 20 Brooklyn Objects

This class was very interesting and made everything hit home a lot more than a normal history class. Our projector light blew out (not the teachers fault), but the class went on. Definitely wish we could have had the slides in front of us for the presentation and think I would have taken more in, but still walked away with a lot more information and the want to learn more.

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190 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238
Brooklyn Brainery
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
190 Underhill Ave
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Brooklyn, New York 11238

Upcoming Classes at Brooklyn Brainery

WTF is Agile and Scrum?
Next start date:

Wednesday Apr 25th, 8:30pm

Birding in NYC
Next start date:

Thursday Apr 26th, 6:30pm

Lessons on Love and Heartbreak from 80s & 90s TV
Next start date:

Thursday Apr 26th, 8:15pm

Modern Calligraphy for Graphic Designers
Next start date:

Friday Apr 27th, 2pm

Tree Identification for Beginners
Next start date:

Saturday Apr 28th, 10am

Outdoor Cold-hardy Bonsai
Next start date:

Saturday Apr 28th, 11am

Green-Wood Cemetery Walking Tour
Next start date:

Saturday Apr 28th, 11am

Brooklyn Bridge: 8th Wonder of the World Walking Tour
Next start date:

Saturday Apr 28th, 1pm

Introduction to Embroidery: Tote Bags
Next start date:

Saturday Apr 28th, 2pm

The Craft of Editing: Love your Reader?
Next start date:

Sunday Apr 29th, 10am

Classic Charcoal Drawing: Faces
Next start date:

Sunday Apr 29th, 12pm

The History of Gin
Next start date:

Monday Apr 30th, 6:30pm

Intro to Jewelry Making: Coiled Wire Beads
Next start date:

Tuesday May 1st, 6:30pm

Shibori Stitch Resists with Natural Indigo
Next start date:

Wednesday May 2nd, 6:30pm

Watercolor Exploration with Floral Inspiration
Next start date:

Thursday May 3rd, 6:30pm

Graffiti: A Visual Taxonomy
Next start date:

Thursday May 3rd, 6:30pm

Professional Wrestling: From the Dominance of the WWE
Next start date:

Thursday May 3rd, 8:30pm

Tapestry Weaving for Beginners
Next start date:

Saturday May 5th, 11am

Hiking the Batona in New Jersey's Pine Barrens
Next start date:

Sunday May 6th, 11am

Classic Charcoal Drawing: Anatomy
Next start date:

Sunday May 6th, 2pm

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Teachers at Brooklyn Brainery

J.R. Pepper Aaron Sacks Abhik Mukherjee Adam Haslett Adam Neal Adam Dowis Aditi Shekar Aidiha Gaxiola-Karney Alex Delare & Jonathan Anderson Alexandra Olsen Alia Dalal Alia Dalal Alia Dalal Alice Burger Alice Burger Alicia Goodwin Alison Caporimo Alison Taffel Alison Taffel Alison McQueen Allison Kugel Allison Grossman Allison Ball Allison C. Meier Alyson Toone Amanda Amport Amanda Crowell Amanda Patenaude Amber Charlick Ample Hills Creamery Andrea Booth Andrew Faust Andrew Coletti Andrew Torrens Andrew Gustafson Andrew F. Smith Andy Lutz Angela Davis Ann Rudnick Anna Macoboy Anna Rasche Anna Eydman Anname Phann and Melanie Taing Anne Walton Anni Irish Annie R. Annsley March Ansley Watson Antonia Santagelo Ashley Gamell Ashley Gamell Ashley Palmer Asuka Goto Audrey Fox Azita Houshiar Babeland Barbara Van Elsen Barbara Kancelbaum Barbara Van Elsen Becky Sandler Ben McKelahan Ben DiMatteo Ben Townsend Ben Townsend Beth Hommel Bex Ames & Elissa Stanton Big Alice Brewing Blue Ribbon Brooklyn Bob Bland Brady R Brian Cotlove Brian Friedman Britt Goodman Britt Gambino Brooke Borel Brooklyn Brainery Team Cait Field Carly Cylinder Carly Goodspeed Carly Silver Carrie King Casey Barber Casey Wolf Catherine Halley Celeste Hopkins Charles Dunbar Charles Dunbar & Katriel Paige Charly Simpson Chef Jay Reifel Chef Shauna Keeler, M.S. R.D. Chelcey Berryhill and Kelly Carroll Cheryl Paswater and Nancy Campbell Chitra Agrawal Chitra Agrawal and Clay Williams Chris Chris Alker Chris Castelli Christina Couch Christina Massey Christine Degenaars Christine Garvey Christopher Bussmann Claire Elyse LaRoche Conan Magee Cooper O’Brien Cristina Costantino Crystal Leung Dan D Dan D Dan D Dan Silverstein Dan Cwirka Dane LaChiusa Daniel Lloyd Daniel M. Cohen Daniel, Miles, Andy and Jason Daniel, Miles, Andy and Jason - Design Gym Danielle Rothman Dari Litchman David Wolovsky David McNicoll David Samuel Stern David Dabscheck David Miller Dawn Petter Declan Schweitzer Diana Kuan Diana Kuan Dona Chai Dory Kornfeld Douglas Cantelmo Douglas Strich Douglas Amport and John La Polla - Bitter & Esters Dr. Glen Cook Dr. Joie Jager-Hyman Dr. Julie Wolf Dr. Mike Fanagan Dr. Mike Flanagan Drake Page Driftaway Coffee E.A. Burlingame Elliott Brichford Elysa Emilie Shapiro Emily Scott Emily Fleischer Emily L. Emily Paster Emma Sky Eric Siwy Eric Fensterheim Ericall Worra Erik Kemnitzer Erika Christensen Erin Wuebker Erin O'Donnell Erin Darke Eve MacKnight Fawn Qiu Fionna Simons Frannie Laks Fred Kahl Gabriella Corey Geoff Wisner Glenna A. Grace D Grace Duggan Gracie Janove Hadasah Ingrid Hannah Crum and Alex LaGory Heather Wolf Heather Hess Hiho Batik Howard Eisman Hudson River Community Sailing Hudson River Park Educators Ian Olasov Ian West Ian Grody Ieva Urbaite and Lindsey Gardner Inna Guzenfeld Irene Pease J Soma J.R. Pepper Jackie Snow Jaime Normad James White James Hoffman James P. Fitzsimmons Jane Bruce Jane Lerner Jared Bloch Jarrod Shanahan Jason Schulman Jeff Gray Jeffrey Schiller Jen Jen Bokoff Jen Oleniczak Jen Bokoff and J soma Jenna Matecki Jennifer Mattson Jenny Robbins Jeremy Wechter Jeremy Feinberg Jess Milewicz Jess Adamiak Jess Mireau Jess Schreibstein Jessi Highet Jessica Murphy Jessica S. Jessica Gross Jessica Kaufman Jessica Manchester Jessie Katz Jill Frutkin Joe Caliguire Joe Upham John Drury John Borghi John Bloch John McCarroll John Reinhardt Jonathan Riedel Jonathan Soma Jordan Reimer Jordana and Bernard Joseph Alexiou Joseph Joseph Cavalieri Joseph Cavalieri Josh Kapusinski JP Allen Judith Schaechter Julia Levy Julia Silver Gordon of Hiho Batik Julian Velasco Julie Schneider Justin T. Manning Karen Bell Karen Stamm Karen M. Karin Persan Kat Vecchio Katelyn G Katherine Radcliffe Katie Carey Katie Carey Katie Carey Katie Carey Katie Shulman Katie Henry Katie Sweetman Katriel Paige Katya Seberson Keith Koenigsberg Keith Koenigsberg Keith Brooks Kelly Dupuis Kelly Laughlin Ken Schatz Khi Armand Kill Van Kull Kim Cee Kimberly Mackenzie Kimberly Worsham Kris De la Torre Krista Scenna Kristy Barbacane Labiba Ali Laena McCarthy Lara Antal & Dave Kelly Laura Silver Laura Moffat Laura Truettner Laurel Leckert Lauren Stern Lauren Lauren McDowell Lauren Taylor Lauren E. Lauren Cesiro Lawrese Brown Leah Curney Leila Amineddoleh Lena Solow Lexie Ruse Lia Libby Clarke Linh My Truong Lisa Bruno Lisa Nett Lisa Marie Basile Liz Apple Liz Starin and Noa Wheeler Lori Kranczer Lori Bystrom Lucie Levine M Dickson Mallory D'Alessandro Malou Zuidema Malou Zuidema Marcin Pawlikiewicz Margi Cole Maria Bernhey Mariel Villere Marisa Cohen Mark Galeotti Mark Roberts Marna Chester Matt Baldassano Matthew Wills Matthew Conaty Matthwe Diaz Matthwe Diaz Max Alvarez Meg Boria-Meyer Melissa L Melissa Thornton Melody Litwin Michael Tenser Michael Stern Michael Payton Michael Antonia Michael Hamburg Michael Brenner Michael Allen Potter Michelle Michelle Sagonov Michelle Santarpia Michelle Smawley Mickey Davis Mike Mikhail Volosin Mitch Waxman Mitch Waxman Molly Anne Coogan Ms. Duchess Nancy Tompkins Nancy Campbell Neighborhood Cats New York Local Tours Nicholas Coleman Nick Reynolds Nick Fokas Niels Cosman Nikki Romanello Nikki Romanello Nir Eyal Noam Osband Norm Sutaria Nyndia Diligent Oko Farms Olive Persimmon Olive Persimmon Patrick Lamson-Hall Patty Hamrick Paula Marcoux Peter Laskowich Peuo Tuy Private Picassos R. H. Lossin Rachael Fischer Rachel Signer Rachel Jones Rachel Krantz Rachel Klara Rae Rae Winkelstein and Ugur Guney Ramani Leah Ravi Subramanian Reema Hijazi Regan Good Rei Wang Rekha Krishnamurthi Rhiannon Platt Richard Exelbert Rob Freeman Robin White Rodrigo Sanchez and Ana Sanchez Ruby Disko Russ Ross Ryder Miller Saddleshoe Tours Sam Holleran Sam Hiyate Sara Solomon Sara Polsky Sara Marie Miller Sarah Campbell Sarah Lohman Sarah McDaniel Dyer Sarah Lohman and Jonathan Soma Scott Greenberg Scott Ordway Scott Wiener Scott Wittrock Sean O'Brien Sean Spillane Sean D Sharon Zeisel Shaun Fillion, LC Simone Waugh Sophia Starmack Sophia Georgiou Spencer Merlis Stacey Kahn Stef Ferrari Stefanie Lewin Stephanie Stepp Stephanie Cox-Williams Stephanie Genkin Stephanie Beck Stephanie Genkin, CFP® Stephen Pitalo Stephen D Stephen Mayo Stephen Dargo Steve Heisler Sumeet Bahl, MD Summer Bock Suzanne Peck Tammy Nguyen Tawny Gurrola Dicce Team The Design Gym The Museum at Eldridge The Prospect Heights Street Tree Task Force Tiffany Tiffany Vann Sprecher Tim ONeal Tim ONeal & Shelly Frank Timothy Rosen Timothy Cooper Tina Ye Tristan Husby Turnstile Tours Turnstile Tours Classic Harbor Line Tyler Mayo Tyler Gilmore Valerie Striar Victoria Flexner Will Sakran Will Ellis Woody Leslie Wynnie L Wynnie and Felicia
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